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Esther & Omar

Esther and Omar’s wedding day is just the kind of celebration that encapsulates a Spring winery wedding. The soft pastel colours, the lush green vineyards and the story of a new stage in their love story. They chose Joseph Koprek and Humdrum Films to document their Yarra Valley wedding day.

As for how they met, well it was all about coffee! Esther tells their story. “Well I guess you could say that we meet through Omar’s love of coffee. I worked at a cafe where he often came for his strong latte fix! So we’d known each other in that way for years but our first date changed everything. It’s funny that a lot of couples we know met through the same cafe – something in the coffee and the water perhaps!”

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Esther chose a strapless wedding gown from Brides of Armadale, a family member making the unique bridesmaids’ dresses.

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Esther and Omar chose Yarra Valley venue Stones Of The Yarra Valley for their wedding, Esther noting, “We couldn’t fault Stones of the Yarra Valley. Planning is made so easy when dealing with professionals and furthermore, when you just stop and soak the place in, you realise you really can’t go wrong in such a beautiful setting. We felt that it was ideal that the whole wedding day was at the one location not just for our guests, but for us too.”

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Esther walked down the aisle to Pachelbel’s Canon in D. She recalls “Nothing has been more breathe taking for us (Omar and I) than the walk down the aisle. I was feeling the nerves as I got out of the car and especially when standing just outside the closed doors to the chapel. I remembered Melissa (our celebrant) saying during rehearsal that if I needed to steady myself, just connect with Omar’s eyes and I’ll be fine. So I did – and it totally didn’t work, all the emotions had hit him too. There was a lot of ‘happy crying’ and we wouldn’t change a thing.”

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There was a very special groomsmen, Esther explaining, “Jagger (our dog) was the special detail to our wedding, wearing his pin-striped tailor made bow tie (by Omar’s cousin who also designed the bridesmaids skirts). He was right next to Omar and the groomsmen and luckily, was very well behaved.”

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Esther and Omar were married by Melissa Fahey of Mine Forever . Esther remembers “Melissa our celebrant is such a beautiful person, she was amazing on the day.”

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Of their photographer, Esther tells, “Genius. Without imposing on our wedding day, he has captured so many memories we will enjoy forever. We used his work of us walking the streets of Melbourne to create a guest book for the wedding, it worked so well to capture the kind words of our guests in a way that looks perfect on the coffee table.”

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Blooming Brides created the Spring inspired floral arrangements for the day.

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There were DIY details aplenty made by the bride and her bridesmaids, Esther remembers. “With the help of my maid of honour especially, we really tapped into our creative talent! We made the doggy bag (male) and polishing glove (female) bonbonnieres, potted herbs for each guest to plant at home, wooden sign posts, framed flag seating arrangement, table numbers, wedding invites… ”

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Of their first dance, Esther remembers, “Dancing isn’t really our strong suit. Omar can dance but doesn’t enjoy it and I enjoy it but I’m terrible. Our first dance was about enjoying some time together to a song we both love – and now whenever we hear it, there’s something extra special about it.” Who cares whether you can dance when a fab wedding band like the couple hired, The White Tree,  will make everyone dance like nobody’s watching?

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The boys from Humdrum Films captured Esther & Omar’s day in motion and captured plenty of memories, Esther remarking, “Humdrum Films really took our breathe away with their work. Jared and Jacob spoilt us with their easy going personalities and a video that really takes us back to the days – smiles, tears, the ‘shakes’, the romance, ALL of it.”

A big thank you to Esther and Omar for sharing their wedding story with us today and also to Joseph Koprek for sharing today’s wedding!