Whether you buy into the age old argument of whether Fords or Holdens are the better car, you’ve got to have nothing but admiration for the iconic Australian Holden cars of the late 50’s and early 60’s. Add to that the romantic story of two people, Brian and Linda, whose passion is beautifully restored and maintained vintage Holden cars, and Holden Oldies Limo Services is born. Offering a bespoke limousine service to Queensland brides and grooms, these beautiful cars are sure to start off your wedding day on a cheery, upbeat note. And what better way to make a grand entrance than to be the centre of attention as you arrive in one of these beauties!

How did Holden Oldies come to be? 

We got married in 2007 and we couldn’t find any classic cars for our wedding. By chance a few years later we found some rusted cars and parts  – we jumped in and began the restoration process. We actually used our honeymoon money on the first car! We had planned to do 4 weeks in USA starting in New York, so that’s where the idea for the yellow came from. It took Brian 4 years to re-build the two yellow Holdens.

Image by Holden Oldies Limo Services

Do you have a particular love for the Holden car?

We love the character of the older models. Holdens have a great place in Australian history and with so many Australian families. At weddings parents and grandparents all have stories about the Holdens they had when they were young.

How old are the cars?

Our cars were built in 1959 and 1960.

Are there any other cars (other than Holdens) in your fleet?

We have almost finished our 1967 Lincoln Continental convertible. It’s black with black leather interior. It is going to be the only one of it’s kind in QLD that operates as a Limousine. It’s called The Lincoln Limousine.

Image by Holden Oldies Limo Services

What is the story behind some of your cars being painted bright yellow?

This was a tribute to our honeymoon that so far hasn’t happened! One day we’ll get to travel to New York and have a ride in a NY Taxi!!   We also wanted something different – they grab people’s attention and it’s lots of fun for the wedding parties to wave at people as they notice them.

You are based in Queensland. What areas of this State do you cover?

We are based between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. We can do weddings from Byron to Noosa. We can also go out towards Toowoomba.

Image by Holden Oldies Limo Services

Is it a full time job maintaining your cars? How do you keep the ‘wear and tear’ factor reduced, with travelling around Queensland?

No, we are lucky that Brian is a mechanic, so our cars are in great shape. We spend more hours cleaning and polishing them these days!

What services/packages do you offer the bridal couple? What extras do you include?

We have 2 packages – the “short & sweet” which is for 1-3 hours and the “slow & steady” which is for up to 5 hours.   Both packages can be for 1 or 3 cars. We have lots of fun props for photos our couples use, red carpet, we have cold drinks on hand for the bridal party & lollies!

Do you provide a driver for each of your cars?

Brian and I drive our cars, we also have some friends who are looking forward to helping us out once we have a booking for 3 or 4!

Image by Helen McConnell Photography

Why is it best to hire a car on your wedding day?

Hiring a limousine takes away the stress of organizing transport. Once you’re booked in there’s not the hassle of finding someone with a car that is willing to drive you, finding a 2nd car and driver for the rest of the bridal party and there’s no stress of having to chase people up the day before. Using a limousine service also means that you don’t have to worry about the quality of the car – both how it runs and how it is presented on the big day. I also think that people that run classic wedding car businesses really enjoy weddings – that’s why we built the cars, that’s why we do it!

Is there a trend to using classic cars, rather than more modern cars (for wedding transport)?

I think it’s still 50/50. Lots of brides have always pictured the white stretch limo and that’s what they book. Then there are others who want the classic cars because it suits their wedding and also their personality. We recently had a bride who always wanted yellow cars and booked ours as soon as she saw them! Our new white one has been really popular with brides wanting a white classic car.

Image by clicimage

What do you love about being involved in the wedding industry?

I love that we are all in it to help people celebrate love! Love is awesome and spending the day with two people who have chosen to celebrate with friends and family is pretty cool! I’ve also made some amazing friends through the industry – people who I wouldn’t have ever crossed paths with if we hadn’t started HO!

Best honeymoon destination in Queensland is….. somewhere close to the beach!

For relaxation we love to…… Give our kids to the grandparents and spend a night in the city! It’s nice to have time alone when life is busy it’s easy to put everything before “us” – so this gives us the chance to have a nice dinner, some drinks and spend time together.

Many thanks to Linda and Brian for sharing your story. To find out more about Holden Oldies Limo Services visit the website.