No matter how humble or how flamboyant your wedding gown is, it tells the story of you and your wedding day. Joanne of Silk & Style Bridal understands how deeply this is part of a bride’s psyche and so aims to provide an experience that is both uplifting and personal for the bride and her attendants. How gorgeous to have the boutique to yourself and really be able to find the perfect gown, without the distractions of other people commanding attention – bliss!

What is the story behind Silk & Style Bridal?

After organising my own fabulous wedding and my new husband refusing my proposal to do it all again, the next day, I knew what I wanted to do.

Based on my own experience and that of many brides I spoke with I was very particular in the service and product I wanted to provide. Choosing a gown, the centerpiece of the wedding as I like to call it, is a huge decision. It is a highly emotional and a costly purchase, whatever your budget is. For this I think a bride deserves the experience to be fun, supporting and consultative and most importantly about them and the desire they have for how the gown will compliment them and their day.

Where are your gowns designed?

In the USA. Our gowns are from Saison Blanche and have been a long standing bridal fashion label for around 20 years. Taking inspiration for their designs from the cutting edge fashion capital of New York, the gowns are known for being contemporary with a vintage edge.

How do you make the bride’s experience ‘fabulous’ when they come into your boutique to try on gowns?

When a bride visits Silk and Style Bridal boutique it is all about them. They will have the whole boutique for themselves and whoever they choose to bring with them for this fabulous and exciting time. There is no sharing of change rooms or consultants, the attention is all on their wedding and their style and matching one of our beautiful gowns to their personality.

How do you help a bride find a style of gown that matches her personality and dream?

Being able to focus wholly on the bride we’re able to consult with her about the venue and setting of the day, what her personal dress style is and what kind of statement she wants to make with her gown. The gown is the centerpiece of the wedding day and we have many different design styles, fabric and detail. We have had some bridal parties take up the opportunity of having the whole boutique to themselves and bring along a bottle of bubbles whilst the bride tries on her gown making it a special and memorable occasion.

Are you able to advise about the styles that would best suit the body shape of the bride to be when they are trying on dresses at your boutique?

Absolutely, there are some styles that are better suited to particular body shapes. We are all very so unique in our shape, personal style and personality that all these elements come into the choosing of a gown.

Can you advise on the accessories and veils that would look best with the gowns?

Our gowns are contemporary with a vintage edge. Most of our gowns are ivory in colour and can beautifully be matched with a pearl jewel or some sparkle to match the Swarovski crystal in some of our gowns. Some of our lace or silk organza gowns can be matched with a Swarovski crystal sash to pop the gown and cap it off with some lovely crystal earrings and neck piece. It really depends on the person and the gown they choose to wear. Some girls are complimented with a little neck piece and some look stunning with the subtleness of a bare neckline.

Veils can be a beautiful soft finish to a gown but don’t overdo the detail on veil. You don’t want to hide the beauty in the back of your gown.

You mention ‘style and quality’. What does this mean in terms of a bridal gown?

Saison Blanche gowns are current with the New York designs bringing new and unique styles to the Australian bride only through us. I am passionate about providing my brides with quality fabrics, hand sewn detail and beautiful crafting of the gown ensemble. Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, you must feel beautiful from design, fit and feel.

Can you help the bride make minor alterations to the gown (e.g. adding straps, or sleeves, or adding more beading) to make her gown more individual?

We certainly can. Our expert seamstress has been making and altering wedding gowns for many, many years. Her work is superior and can accommodate small touches like adding a cap sleeve or providing that little extra cover over the shoulders if wanted.

The gowns are made-to-order and we can have them made with more or less detail, a variation of ivory or white and other small changes to the design to match your desire.

How often do your collections change?

Our collections change with the season. Actually we have just got a new range of gowns in only last week. A beautiful collection including lace and tea length gowns fresh for this season.

What is it about brides in particular, that you enjoy providing a bridal service to?

I love being a part of learning about their wedding style and how they are putting their personal event together. Every bride is so unique and it’s such an exciting and happy time for them. Being a part of their planning and seeing the tear in mum or bridesmaid’s eye when they put on ‘The’ gown is a special moment.

Any advice to brides you could tell us?

Be open to trying on gowns other than what you have always thought you would wear. If you absolutely love the first gown you put on, don’t be pressured into thinking you have to try on a hundred dresses.

You would give the gift of…… travel and reflection. Everyone deserves to have a fabulous honeymoon following on from organizing the biggest and best event of their lives.

Your favourite cocktail or meal after a busy week?

I love a martini, either an espresso if I need a little pick me up after a busy week. Or, the olives are divine when soaked in a Grey Goose vodka martini.

Thank you Joanne for sharing your story with us. To find out more about Melbourne boutique  Silk & Style Bridal visit the website.

Images courtesy of Silk & Style Bridal.