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To me, there is nothing more of a beautiful full stop to a beautiful bouquet than a stunning piece of ribbon and I have been particularly loving hand dyed silk ribbons and the gorgeous softness they create. So the stunning plant dyed silk ribbons from Silk & Willow are fast becoming a favourite of mine.

Using sustainably sourced plant dyes, owner Shellie of Silk & Willow dyes each ribbon in the traditional way. The result? Lemon yellows (dyed with turmeric and pomegranate) rich blues, greys, bay leaf greens, indigo, reds, blush pinks (made with madder root, pomegranate, turmeric, and acacia catechu) and of course traditional antique white. Because of the traditional dying process, there is something even more special about each ribbon – the dye reacts to the unique characteristics of the silk, giving each ribbon variations in hue and each it’s own unique character. Ribbon is delivered on handmade acacia wood spools which are a work of art in their own right.

One of the ribbons I love is the recycled silk sari ribbon. The company takes silk waste from the sari making industrial mills in India which is sewn into continuous ribbon by a Fair Trade women’s organisation and then passed onto Silk & Willow to dye and take what was once considered waste and make it into something beautiful.

Silk & Willow  ribbons are available via their website (which also stocks other goodies like hand dyed scarves, twine, note cards, table linens and even antiques). They do of course ship internationally!

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