green wedding bouquets005

Bouquet by Gypsy Flora with photo by Madhouse Imaging

Rosemary, olive branches, parleys, jasmine leaves, succulents – there are so many incredible textures (and scents!) in greenery. Why, you don’t even have to consider flowers at all! I have fallen head over heels for bouquets using greenery as their focus. So much texture, so much amazing smell and a subtle feeling of getting back to nature.

There is something about natural greens that is almost a neutral – the bouquets of green go with every colour of the rainbow and have every hue you could imagine.  If you’re not into flowers but still love that beauty of carrying something from nature than maybe a bouquet of greenery is for you.

Love warmer weather? What about olive branches? Fancy yourself a gardener with a love of cooking? Why not a bouquet of pure herbs? There are so many beautiful natural elements we have yet to really consider in wedding arrangements and greenery gives a softer, yet somehow modern look to a wedding.

To inspire you, I asked florists to send me their beautiful green bouquets and their work shows just how versatile greenery in a bouquet can be. From trailing, to tightly bound posies. Additions of a few pink or white blooms, or none at all. Herbs and sweet smelling leaves to succulents. wedding bouquets of greenery

Bouquet one by Flos Florum, Bouquet two by Blooming Brides with photo by Luma Photography, Bouquet three and four by Green & Bloom with photos by Natalie McComas Photography, Bouquet five by Gypsy Flora with photo by John Benavente, Bouquet six by Pomp & Splendour with photo by Samara Clifford, Bouquet seven by Amos & Smyth, Bouquet eight by Blooming Brides, Bouquet nine by Flos Florum.

Greenery wedding bouquets

Bouquet one by Prunella with photo by Darin Collison Photography, Bouquet two by Gypsy Flora with photo by John Benavente, Bouquet three by Always Fabulous Flowers with styling by Victoria Cameron and photo by Marcus from Studio Impressions, Bouquet four by Floretta with photo by Gus Reyes Photography, Bouquet five by Blooming Brides with photo by Luma Photography, Bouquet six by Flos Florum