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Miriam and Luke

I think I fall in love with love a little bit more every time I see a couple so genuinely happy like Luke and Miriam. They worked with Kate of Quince & Mulberry Studios to create an engagement shoot that reflected their story and their life together, but what stuck me most was how easy and joyous they are with each other. On how they met, the lovebirds tell, “We went to the same church for a few months before we noticed each other, and from there the rest is history. ”

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On what he loves about Miriam, Luke says, “I love that Mim is such a kind hearted and caring person, she’s the only person I could see myself building a life with.”

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One of Miriam and Luke’s funniest memories is one of their first dates, Miriam recalling, “The first romantic date that Luke planned for us at ages 18 and 19 was an utter disaster – he took me out to a secret location for a picnic at night – forgot cutlery, napkins and cups, I ruined my dress because it was in a forest and the police found us and told us to stay away from the area as there had been a few “incidents” of late!”

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The shoot reflected Miriam and Luke’s story, photographer Kate explaining, “I like to ensure a couple’s engagement session is going to be something comfortable and which is going to suit the couple, so when I was talking to Miriam about everyday things they like to do and she replied that love to explore and go on adventures together, I just knew I had to workshop this idea for their engagement session. I also wanted to incorporate their proposal story somehow.

Luke very sweetly proposed to Miriam in Melbourne. He had organised all of the details, for her to fly from Brisbane to Melbourne, he had arranged a car to meet her at the airport a beautiful hotel suite, all in preparation for his proposal at St Kilda pier. By incorporating these personal details into their engagement shoot we were able to create a really lovely session.  A perfect Brisbane sunset and a very generous previous client donated their car for the shoot for the afternoon. Together we were able to create something unique and fitting to their story.”

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On what she loves about Luke, Miriam tells, “It’s true when they say opposites attract – he’s everything that I’m not and I love him for it. He brings out the best in me.”

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Of the proposal, Miriam tells, “Luke flew me down to Melbourne under the pretense it was for a business meeting, and surprised me at the airport with a chauffeur and a Bentley. He took me to St Kilda pier where he got down on one knee and proposed by the water. We spent the rest of the weekend shacked up in the Hilton and exploring the city.”

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