Kelsey and Brendan’s Autumn Forest Engagement Photos

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Kelsey and Brendan

Today’s engagement shoot is so beautiful with the deeply saturated and rich shades of the wet, rain soaked forest, it also makes me want to curl up in front of a fire. I think that’s what makes the idea of an Autumn forest engagement shoot so romantic. It’s freezing, it’s wet and slightly miserable and the feeling that it’s just the two of you, with your story in something much bigger. Kelsey and Brendan chose elk & willow photography to capture their engagement photos.

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Kelsey tells the story of how she met Brenda.n “Brendan and I met through a mutual friend around 5 years ago and were often running into each other over the years at events. We had at times lost contact so it came as complete surprise when Brendan called me and asked me out to dinner. We took a little while to get our acts together and make it official and it didn’t help that I moved across the country to Western Australia. We maintained contact and on my first trip home to see family Brendan insisted we catch up again and from that moment on the rest is history.”

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I love at home proposals and that’s exactly what Brendan did! Kelsey remembers, “Brendan’s proposal took me completely by surprise and it was a beautiful moment between the two of us at home in the morning. Brendan had gotten up early and left to buy us breakfast and I thought he was acting a little odd but brushed it off keeping myself busy around the house. Once he was home he came into the bedroom and asked me to close my eyes and walked me out to our kitchen where a big bunch of red roses was waiting on the table. I looked at Brendan and he was holding an engagement ring and asked me to marry him. I was happily calling all my family and friends with the exciting news but it seemed everyone was busy all day and were not able to catch up which I thought was a shame. Once we had both calmed down from the excitement Brendan said that his parents knew he was proposing and we were meeting them for lunch at a restaurant down the road. When we walked in to my surprise there was all of our family and close friends there to celebrate the moment with us. It was perfect.”

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Of their photographer, Kelsey tells, “We were more than happy to trust our photographer Jess from Elk & Willow to pick the setting for our engagement shoot as we had seen her work before and knew it would be stunning. She definitely did not disappoint and we arrived nice and early in the forest to catch the morning cloud and fog for the right lighting. Having never done a photography session before, both Brendan and I were a little nervous but were put completely at ease by Jess and her tip to just be in the moment and be ourselves. We couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out.”

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