Josh and Kassi

The 9th May 2014 was a very special day for us as it was the day that we began our happily ever after as a married couple. What an absolutely incredible day we were, blessed not only with the stunning weather but also with how smoothly everything ran. I come from working in the wedding industry so I definitely had an advantage when it came to planning our perfect wedding day. I found that it really came down to being super organised and trusting the suppliers that you pick to do an amazing job.

It is important to remember how crucial the role your celebrant plays in your big day. They not only are their to make the whole thing legal but will be there to help you create the perfect ceremony and stand by your side on the day. We chose Clarah Luxford to officiate and we are so glad we did. Having worked with Clarah in the past I knew that she was amazing at her job and a genuinely stunning person. Little did I know how many hours she dedicates to each and every couple she works with. She works with you to write a very personalised ceremony and ensures every aspect is perfected prior to the big day. On the day she is your support when you are feeling nervous or emotional and she is the one that is by your side while you are marrying the love of your life. Nothing can be more special than that! Clarah is professional, exceptionally talented and an absolute pleasure to work with. Our wedding day would not have been the same without her!

We chose to have our wedding photography covered by White Pearl Photography and cinematography by Motion Art. What excellent choices these were! Josh from White Pearl Photography works a lot with candid moments that happen throughout the day rather than all posed photos. He is amazing to work with, very laid back, professional and easy to get along with. There was not one time in the day that we felt like he was intruding. He captured all of the perfect moments throughout the day without us even noticing a photographer being there. It is important when choosing a photographer to know what style of photography you are looking for. There are many amazing photographers out there in the wedding industry, however they all have a different way of catching the big moments and their style can differ greatly. For us White Pearl was the perfect choice!

We chose to have Beautiful Weddings style our reception room at the Sanctuary Cove Country Club. Having a styling team, especially Beautiful Weddings was one of the best decisions that we made. Knowing that we did not need to even think about decorating the room on our wedding day was such a relief. It meant that we could both sit back, relax and enjoy our wedding day. Nicole & Justine from Beautiful Weddings are masters at what they do and we knew that everything would be styled to perfection. They offer a personalised service and work with you to create the perfect setting. Every tiny detail was looked after and when we walked into the room our breath was taken away. It was the elegant and romantic setting that we had imagined it to be! Many people may decide to DIY the decorations for their wedding to save a bit of money but at the end of the day with the amount of time it takes to source everything you need and the help that is required the day before your wedding or on the day to put it all together can sometimes become way too stressful. Having a professional styling company can alleviate this stress and you will be so happy that you’ve spent that little bit extra to have it done for you.

 It was also important for us to have a video of our wedding day as we wanted to be able to look back on our wedding day and be able to relive the whole experience through sound and motion. In 10 years time being able to show our children our wedding ceremony is such an amazing thing to have. Geoff from Motion Art is such a talented videographer and his work is flawless! Again, he is incredibly professional in his work and ensures that he knows what is important to the couple when it comes to their wedding video. We purchased a highlight video as a part of our package which gives snippets of the day. Geoff has put together this highlight in such a clever way that it literally transports you back to your wedding day and you are able to feel the emotion again that you felt on the day. What he has done for us will be treasured forever! We would highly recommend having both a photographer and cinematographer to capture your wedding… it is not something that you will regret!

We really wanted our wedding day to be an intimate affair and with only 66 guests I think we made this happen. We had all of our immediate family and closest friends there to celebrate with us and it was nice to be able to not only say hello and have a chat with all of our guests but also have the time to jump in our photobooth by In the Booth and dance the night away to tunes by our fantastic DJ. It is important to be able to take a moment as the bride and groom and really take in the night and what is happening as it all goes by very quickly. At the end of the day your wedding day is such a personal event and you need to make it suit your personalities. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

Ms Gingham says: What great advice Kassi! Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom as well as your beautiful wedding with us!

Kassi says: “We had such an incredible day and would be happy to share it with the viewers of Polka Dot Bride :-).”