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Beck & Sam

 The scenery that provided the setting for today’s engagement shoot completely captivated me. Sun burnt grass against the bluest of seas, rugged coastline and a golden sunset. Sounds like a romantic setting for a romantic day out doesn’t it? Beck and Sam chose Victor Harbor for their engagement photos with Joshua Kane Photography. They both love this underrated part of Australia and along with their photographer (who started his career at this very spot) chose the incredible coastline for their session.

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On how they met, the lovebirds tell, “We met whilst we were both studying at University. We were on a pub crawl of about 300 people and were introduced through a mutual friend. We started talking, realised quickly we had a lot in common, made each other laugh and we were both attracted to each other. It just felt right.”

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“We both love the way we make each other laugh, we have fun together, and are always there to support each other no matter what. We both have a strong sense of Family and we consider ourselves very lucky to be apart of each others. We are both determined and passionate people and we bring the best out in each other in what we want to achieve as individuals and together.”

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The proposal was very appropriate for their relationship! The story goes, “Sam had organised dinner at our favourite restaurant on a Friday night. In Beck’s usual ‘put my foot in it’ attitude, she remarked jokingly (according to her) “I hope you’re not going to propose to me tonight”, which was something she would often say in jest. Sam then decided to postpone dinner and re-group. 3 weeks later, Sam booked dinner again, this time on a Saturday night, with other activities planned for the day leading up. The plan was to then come home after dinner to our newly built house where Sam would propose. Things did not go to plan. On the Friday night, we were both in bed, Sam contemplating the day to come with excitement and anticipation. Beck (who had clearly not picked up on the hints) was about to embark on yet again her usual ‘put my foot in it’ attitude and AGAIN remarked “I hope you are not going to propose to me tomorrow night”. Beck quickly realised with Sam’s blank expression and quietness that she had managed to indeed put her foot in it. Sam felt frustrated and disappointed at first, but once we realised that we did in fact want the same thing (Beck just has a weird way of showing it), we became very excited about getting engaged. We then proceeded spontaneously to go to Sam’s parent’s house in our pyjamas (where the ring was stored) at 1am. Sam then got down on one knee, said some really nice things, proposed, and Beck FINALLY said yes.”

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Of their photographer, they note, “Josh is part of our family, are we are very familiar with his work and love his unique style of photography. He is very talented, thorough, and made the whole experience comfortable for us. Both Josh and us have a love for the location of the shoot (Petrol Cove, Victor Harbor), and we had a lot of fun doing it!”

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