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Andrea & Nathan

When Kate of Quince & Mulberry Studios sent over the urban engagement shoot of Andrea and Nathan, it seemed just the ticket for this Wintery Saturday. The couple just married after knowing each other since teenagers, telling, “We have known each other since grade 8 as we went to the same school, but didn’t really know each other well. In the school holidays of grade 11 we both turned up at the same Christian youth camp and were in the same team. We became good friends and about 6 months later on Valentine’s Day Nathan got a group of our friends to hold red roses and sing me a love song (so sweet!). We started dating about that time (how could I say no to that!)”

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On what she loves about Nathan, Andrea says, “I love Nathan’s sense of humour. He is the wittiest, quickest, most hilarious person I have ever met. Even when we’re old and grey, I will always love and enjoy his amazing personality. Just talking to him is the best fun in the world. ”

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Nathan remembers that serenade story. “That first Valentine’s Day, for fundraising, the school set up flower delivery where the boys would pay to have roses delivered either anonymously or not. I (Nathan) had paid for two roses to be delivered to Andrea first thing in the morning during form class, but they never turned up. I had to think quick to organise something else and it had to be big because it looked like I had forgotten. When it got to the end of the day, she came around the corner to see me, and saw a choir of our friends, roses in hand, singing Nat King Cole’s ‘L.O.V.E’ for her. That got me in the good books.”

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The proposal was at a place special to the couple, Nathan recalling, “I couldn’t wait any longer, so the day after I picked up the engagement ring, I planned a date with her for a picnic/bushwalk. Throughout the walk I kept suggesting we should stop for a “break” when I’d find a nice spot. This happened three or four times. We would sit down, take some snacks out of our bags and I’d think “Yep, now’s the perfect time”. But each time, as I reached into the bag for the ring, a family with roudy children or another couple would stop a few metres away from us, enjoying the beautiful nature. It was too risky to ask to “stop for a break” again, so after all my attempts failed, I decided we should head home. During the car trip, I realised that we may be passing one of our favourite lookouts which was also the location of our first picnic as a couple. Andrea thought it was a lovely idea to stop there, as did I ;). We were standing on the edge of the lookout, and I knelt down on one knee. Andrea turned around to look at me and started crying… Tears of joy I think. I asked and she said, through a lot of tears, YES! ”

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On what he loves about Andrea, Nathan tells, “I love how sweet and loving Andrea is to everybody, especially me. She has such a kind and helping nature towards people.”

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