Swiss Honeymoon

Grand Hotel Kronenhof is one of Switzerland’s most superior hotels. Nestled into the hillside of the peaceful mountain-village Pontresina, it lies just 6 miles from the ever-popular Swiss wonderland, St Moritz.

Grand Hotel Kronenhof first opened its doors in the early 19th century as a guesthouse and has flourished ever since. This architectural masterpiece is now a registered historical landmark and has received TripAdvisors recommendation as the Top Hotel in the World for 2014.

Luxury Spa

This neo Baroque Grand Hotel features five world-class restaurants, and boasts over 2,000 square metres of what has been dubbed by financial times writer Tyler Brule as ‘the best Alpine spa’ in the world. With a 20 metre infinity pool, a range of saunas and steam rooms, private couples massage suites and a floating grotto with underwater music as just some of it’s features, it is not hard to see why this $24 million addition is a hit!

In addition to this myriad of grandeur, Grand Hotel Kronenhof is now offering an Alpine Retreat Package, which includes two nights accommodation at Kronenhof, and one nights private Alpine Hut stay for you and your partner!

Alpine Retreat

The Alpine Hut is located in Bernina Suot, a 10km hike or bike ride from Kronenhof, through the breathtaking Val Da Fain (Valley of Hay), most famous for it’s flowers and plethora of marmots!

Upon arrival at Bernina Suot, your Alpine hut butler greets you with refreshments. Said butler then goes on to prepare a traditional 3-course meal before leaving you and your partner to enjoy the fresh mountain air, with a perfectly thought out evening kit. While this kit indulges the romanticism of your stay with candles and mountain tale storybooks, it also has an element of practicality, with creams and balms to soothe the aches and pains of your day’s adventures, torches, board games and of course, fluffy bed socks!

Alpine Accommodation

The following day your butler returns to serve breakfast, and equip you for whichever adventure you may choose for the day. This includes further hiking or biking through the mountains, visiting local farmers to help prepare traditional dishes, or for keen mountain climbers, climbing the Piz la Stretta with a summit of 3,104 m.

Grand Hotel Lobby

At the end of the day you can opt to either hike, bike or be driven in a hotel car back to Grand Hotel Kronenhof for a complimentary 50-minute mountain massage to ease the pains of your explorations, and then finish it all off with a final nights stay and a complimentary meal in either the Grand or Gourmet Kronenhof Restaurant!

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Photos by Grand Hotel Kronenhof