The historic origins of wedding anniversaries date back to the Holy Roman Empire, when 25 years of marriage would earn a wife a silver wreath and 50 years saw a business-class upgrade to gold. 

Yep, that’s right, European lady-killers in the Middle Ages are to blame for your anniversary anxiety and annual AmEx assault! That and commercialism of course. 

But fear not. We’ve got the first five years covered with our wedding anniversary gift guide. Here you’ll find some beautiful, affordable handmade gift ideas that blend traditional themes with modern inspiration.

1st Anniversary – Paper 

2nd Anniversary – Cotton 

3rd Anniversary – Leather 

4th Anniversary – Fruit/Flowers 

5th Anniversary – Wood

1. Personalised Map Print by PaperArcadia 2. Me and You Decorative Pillow by AppleWhite 3. His and Hers hand-stamped bracelets by SylviaArtGallery 4.  Miniature teardrop terrarium by PinkSerissa 5. Personalised cutting board by Woodstockin