Hong Kong is a great stopover on your way to Europe. However, don’t dismiss Hong Kong as a honeymoon destination! This exciting city is Asia’s answer to New York – pulsating with excitement, it is the perfect melting pot of east meets west. You could easily enjoy a week in Hong Kong by checking out the city’s luxury hotels, spas, dining and cultural sites. Pop over to Macau for a day, or sneak off to one of the outer islands for a dose of nature. Whether you are stopping off in Hong Kong on your way to somewhere else, or checking into one of the city’s luxurious 5 star hotels for your Hong Kong honeymoon, Holidays for Couples has rounded up their top five picks to help you make the most of this city. Rest assured, there’s something to please any couple heading on a romantic holiday to Hong Kong.


Victoria Peak

Known by locals as ‘The Peak’, this mountain allows you to get views of the city from 396 metres above sea level. Head up its steep slopes via tram and make your way to the Peak Tower, which is home to shops, restaurants and a 360-degree viewing platform, the Sky Terrace 428.

Take a few snaps together in front of Hong Kong’s cityscape and green countryside for some cherished memories.

There is also a range of nature walks on offer that provide stunning vistas of the city too, so wear comfy shoes and get strolling.


The Avenue of Stars

Take a leisurely stroll down the Avenue of Stars on your honeymoon in Hong Kong. This is basically the city’s answer to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, paying tribute to the stars of the Hong Kong film industry.

It has features including celebrity handprints, movie memorabilia, a life-size statue of kung fu action star Bruce Lee, plus plenty of other plaques, statues and attractions, all along the gorgeous harbourside setting.


Symphony of Lights

There’s nothing like standing hand-in-hand with your loved one and watching the spectacular light show the city puts on each night at 8 p.m.

Head to one of the best vantage points, the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade or Golden Bauhinia Square, or take a harbour cruise and watch from the sea.

Then, watch as over 40 buildings light up on both sides of the harbour, with colours, lasers, searchlights, music and narration that captivates the senses.


Ocean Park

Want a fun-filled day out with your other half? Then head to Ocean Park. This is a theme park complete with animal exhibitions, rides, shows and more, so it’s sure to provide you with a day of thrills.

Ride on the Polar Adventure, a thrilling bobsled ride, which will get you up close and personal with seals, foxes, walruses and more. Or head to Thrill Mountain to ride roller coasters, hang upside down on the Flash or race each other in bumper cars.

See cuddly pandas, adorable monkeys, giant alligators and other amazing animals at the park, too.


The Wong Tai Sin Temple

Head to the The Wong Tai Sin Temple and make a wish. It’s claimed this sacred site can make your dreams come true, so why not wish for wedded bliss?

This Taoist, Buddhist and Confuciust site is incredibly beautiful with eye-catching colours, stunning art and architecture.

Visit with your loved one, soak in the surreal atmosphere and join the masses wishing for good fortune and divine guidance.

Ms Gingham says: I love the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and this list of things to do is a great starting point!

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Images courtesy Discover Hong Kong