Nadia and Antoni

Nadia and Antoni chose Winter for their elaborate wedding, starting with a traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony and ending with a surprise bridal dance that had everyone in awe. Melbourne sets the scene for a beautiful wedding full of beautiful moments captured by Paul Stevens and C2 Video.

Nadia tells the tale of how they came to be. “We met very casually through a mutual friend. We exchanged hello’s and then became friends on Facebook (good old social media). I gave Antoni my number via facebook. It didn’t take him long to text me.. he messaged me a couple of hours later. We organised a catch up for the following week and the rest was history. I always joke about the fact that I had to give him my number and if it wasn’t for me making the first move then he would never have asked for it as he thought I just wanted to be friends.”

Sarah Nolan of  Mr Lincoln 0403199575 created the floral arrangements for the day, Nadia added sentimental touches, telling, “My dearest aunt had bought me a photo pendant of my grandfather which I hung on my bouquet along with a cluster of beaded flowers that my grandmother had on her bouquet when she married my grandfather. It felt nice having a picture of him on my bouquet – it was as if he was by my side as I walked down the aisle.”

Helen Manuell made Nadia’s two part wedding gown.

On their arrival to the church, each guest received a little bag. Nadia telling, “I am a creative person and have done some design work of my own in the past. I put my creative skills to good use and designed all the stationery for my wedding including invitations, church kit bags, gift/wishing well table, place cards, menu’s etc. The church kit bag was put together by me. The contents included: bubbles, reception location map, love heart shaped confetti that my mum and I did ourselves using a love heart hole punch and a program that explained the Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony.”

Of her arrival, Nadia remembers, “It rained all day – the morning was chaotic. Things were running behind schedule as the weather caused a lot of traffic (problems) for my suppliers. My father and I drove to the ceremony together – it was just the two of us, no driver, no bridal party, just him and I – the way I always wanted it to be. I was extremely nervous and anxious driving to the church as I was running 20 minutes late and for those who know me – I HATE being late!! He tried to calm me down. He put on ‘Bruno Mars – Treasure’ so loud that I couldn’t hear myself think – he knew that music was the only thing that would calm me down – and it worked. I will always remember that moment and will forever hold it close to my heart.”

Nadia and Antoni were married at St John the Forerunner & Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, Carlton . Nadia remembers, “St John the Forerunner & Baptist Greek Orthodox Church in Carlton is gorgeous. I have always wanted to get married in that church. I love its colourful and decorative exterior which is just perfect for wedding photos. The striking front doors form a great backdrop for those very festive photographs as you come out of your wedding to be greeted with showers of confetti and a great big cheer of congratulations from your family and friends. The interior is so beautiful. It is filled with traditional icons, gilded carvings, an array of lit candles and grand chandeliers that cast the perfect ambiance – especially on a cold winter’s day. Everything that makes up the church is weaved together to create a holistic and peaceful atmosphere that is simply breathtaking. Father Jordan is a great priest – he has a sense of humour, young at heart and helps calm your nerves.”

Of their photographer, Nadia tells, “We were looking for a photographer that was artistic and captured natural photographs that told a story. That’s why I chose Paul Stevens. I knew just by walking into his Fitzroy located office space that he was going to be the one for us. He was polite, understanding and his photo albums and style of photography was exactly what we were after. The booking process was easy and Paul was great to work with on the day of our wedding. A true gentleman.”

Nadia and Antoni held their reception at Zinc @ Federation Square. Nadia remembering, “Zinc @ Federation Square was THE location for us; situated in the heart of Melbourne on the riverfront side of Federation Square. What made it for us was its contemporary design and striking features such as floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the Yarra River. What a view!! The beautiful trees and outdoor decking provides a great setting to view the river and city skyline. We had 175 guests to cater for – there was plenty of room for some Greek dancing and socialising – it was a really comfortable and stylish space to celebrate our wedding. Friends and family to this day comment on how beautiful our wedding was. I am so glad we decided on Zinc @ Federation Square.”

The French Lettuce created a wedding cake which kept with the couple’s theme. Each guest received a candle from Australian Wax Co as a wedding favor.

The first dance was an incredible surprise for guests, Nadia explaining, “We danced to “The Way You Love Me” by Mark Evans; a fast, upbeat song – we wanted to put on a show for our guests instead of boring them with the ‘usual’ bridal waltz. We wanted something fun and youthful to match our personalities. The comments received from our guests were – ‘A-MA-ZING’ and ‘WHAT A SHOW’. For many, it was the highlight of the night. We did dancing lessons for 6 months. It was well worth the money and the hard work. Dancing Lessons were with Helen Curwood.

Before our first dance was announced, I sneaked into the bridal room with my best friend (maid-of-honour) and removed the bottom part of my dress. Not even my husband knew! I guess you will see from my wedding photo’s that my dress was almost like a convertible. My designer Helen Manuell made the dress in two parts. The ‘bodice’ and the ‘skirt’ – she then attached the two together using a heavy duty, plastic zip creating a stunning wedding dress. As I walked onto the dance floor I heard the gasps of surprise from our guests. It was a great feeling! I was so nervous before our first dance. I couldn’t eat. It’s very different when you are practising in the comfort of casual clothes and only one set of eyes watching you as opposed to over 100. My husband secretly enjoyed the dancing lessons and absolutely nailed the dance routine on the day. I think he out did to me to be honest – but then again, he wasn’t wearing a strapless mini wedding dress and 6 inch heels.”

The day was also captured by C2 Video, who put together this film of the day as it unfolded.

Congratulations Nadia and Antoni! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Paul Stevens for sharing today’s wedding with us!