Everyone knows the Bridesmaid’s job is to walk down the aisle first, pretend she loves her outfit and to make sure the Bride’s dress is correctly fluffed. But there is actually a lot more to being a bridesmaid – especially if you truly are her best friend and want her to have the best day ever. So here are 5 ways you may not have thought of, to be the best bridesmaid ever and help your best friend have the wedding of her dreams.

1. Clean up before the photographer arrive.

Wet towels, discarded jeans and half eaten sandwiches do not make a good back drop for Bridal Preparation photos. So 15 minutes before the photographer is due to arrive, clean up the Bridal Suite and make sure it is ready for the photographer to start shooting the second he walks in. This will maximize the photographer’s time and ensure the Bride gets more photos, that are of a better quality.

2. Play diversion between warring parents.

Today’s modern family often consists of at least one set of separated parents and multiple new partners. So when the time comes for the parents to join the First Dance, check to see if the Bride’s Dad is all alone on the carpet, while his ex-wife is carving up the dance floor with her new boyfriend.  Invite him to dance with you, or if it’s the Mother of the Bride on her own, encourage either the Bride’s brother or one of the Groomsmen to do the same.

3. Make sure the Bride eats.

A combination of nerves and achieving the perfect lip line will probably mean that by the end of the ceremony the Bride is starving! So pack her some easy to nibble snacks to have on the location shoot, sandwiches cut into finger slices are a great, mess free option. She will also have selected canapés that she enjoys, so pop one in her hand while she’s mid conversation and make sure she doesn’t miss out. Plus, a bit of food will help to absorb all the celebratory glasses of bubbles, and keep her on her feet during the bridal waltz!

4. Get the dance floor pumping.

Chances are the bride loves you because you are the life of the party, so this should be easy. No one wants a boring wedding where everyone sits at their tables. So make new friends, and invite them to dance with you on the dance floor. Extra points are awarded if you can bring different groups of friends together into the one dancing circle!

5. Be on time and ready BEFORE the photographer arrives.

If the bridal party is late or hair and make-up run late at the start of the day, this has a flow on effect for the entire day. The photographer has less time to take family photos at the home, the ceremony runs late, the photographer again has less time on location and sometimes has to change the intended locations for the photo shoot. Not only is the day hurried, but everyone is stressed. Make sure you run on time, and keep an eye on the hair and make up to ensure enough time is being allowed. Remember, you should be ready before the photographer arrives, NOT when the cars arrive.

6. Play it safe with the speech.

The best speeches are the perfect blend of heartfelt stories combined with sparkling wit. But if you’re not sure whether your wit is creeping over into “21st speech” cringe inducing embarrassment, then play it safe and just go for heartfelt. Today is about bringing joy to the Bride and Groom, not bringing up a past flame or creating awkward scenes.

7. Plastic bags are your enemy.

Nothing looks worse than plastic bags being carried by the Bridal party for all those bulky essential items such as flat shoes, jackets and gifts. If you are going to give the Bride a meaningful gift and would like the moment photographed, carry it to her in a gift bag and ensure she does the same. Candid moments are essential in today’s style of photography, which means you could be captured at any moment. Remove all plastic bags!

8. Be happy!

Today is the supposed to be the happiest day of your best friend’s life, but how can she be happy if her best friend is not happy? Leave any personal problems at home, put on a huge smile and no matter what issues occur throughout the day, remind her that today is all about marrying the man she will be spending the rest of her life with. That’s what matters most.

Images by Inlighten Photography

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