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Many couples choose to commemorate the day of their anniversary with a renewal of their wedding vows. Whether it’s something organised by you or your closest loved ones, a vow renewal requires a bit of planning. Here are a few of my top tips on organising the next best day of your lives.

Budget, budget, budget

As with any event, large or small, it is important to establish a firm budget early in the planning process. This affects every other step in the event-planning process from here on in – it will determine what venue you will choose, the menu, the guest list etc.

Choosing a venue

The venue will largely be determined by the style of ceremony you choose to have and the number of guests you decide to invite. Smaller, more intimate events can be staged almost anywhere – even your own backyard! However, if you’re a couple that have a large circle of friends and family gathered over the years, you may decide on a bigger bash – there are more professional function venues than we can count, so shop around for the most suitable one for your party’s wants and needs.

Curating the guest list

Essentially, the guest list for a vow renewal ceremony should be made up of the guests that had attended the original wedding ceremony. Even if, after time has passed, the original wedding attendees are not in the same neighbourhood (or city, country, et cetera) any longer, it’s a kind gesture to send all of the original guests an invitation to the renewal ceremony. New friends and family members should be included in the guest list as well, if possible. Keep the invites relaxed and casual – this is not a second wedding, simply a celebration of the life you and your partner have had so far.

The time has come to renew…

As a vow renewal ceremony is a symbolic event (as in, it has no religious or legal ties), it is unnecessary to have a cleric or licensed official to take the reins during the service. It is nice to have the same person who officiated your wedding to participate in a vow renewal, but if that isn’t your thing or circumstances don’t allow, then a close friend officiating is acceptable, too. Again, this is not a second wedding, so it is not necessary to wear proper wedding attire – but formal wear is encouraged.

The best part – the reception!

If, so far, you’ve been recreating your original wedding service to a tee, then the reception may be no different – recreating the catered menu, decorations and entertainment that you had the same day is a true feat of brilliance. Another warming gesture is to display family photos from the past years in silver frames – these can be placed around the reception venue or next to a book of remembrance that the guests can write their memories and well-wishes for the future in.

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