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Susan and Daniel

Susan and Daniel chose a Moroccan Inspired theme for their engagement session. With  a love of bright colours and a desire for a relaxed feeling to their photographs, they collaborated with photographers  David & Belle of Origami Creatives, hair & makeup artist Amy Chan Hair & Makeup Artistry, stylist Emma Duckworth with prop hire from The Bridal Collective to create an unforgettable scene to commemorate their incredible life event.

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Stylist Emma Duckworth tells, “The brief for the engagement shoot was Moroccan theme. Susan and Daniel have a love for bright cheerful colours so the Moroccan theme was born from that. With items from Bridal Collective and some of my own, I set about creating a bright, rich in colour and texture, picnic. Think Moroccan lamps, ornate wine glasses, brightly coloured tea lights, brass ornaments and jeweled cushions and you’ll start to get the picture.

Layer that with glass plates and jars overflowing with macaroons, deep red grapes and chocolate, teamed with flowers in the hottest pinks, deep reds, purples and oranges and the picnic was brought to life.

Susan dressed more perfectly than I could have asked for in a raspberry lace dress and was beauty personified when styled with the floral crown I’d made for her. With David’s affable character and skill at making his subjects relaxed he captured the shoot beautifully.”

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On how they met, Susan tells, “We met through high school friends and were best friends for 3 years before dating.” Daniel adds, “Susan says that she had always remembered me as the “chubby class clown” at weekend tutoring – but I knew deep down she couldn’t resist my charm.”

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Daniel remarks, ” We’ve had a longstanding agreement that Susan is the “master of money and everything else important” on holidays. I’m apparently prone to losing money, wallets, keys and time on holidays, so the responsibility is with Susan to get us through. We have a very fond memory of racing through Manila Airport like crazy people trying to chase down a plane that was due to leave 15 minutes ago.”

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Taking about what she loves about her future husband, Susan tells, “I love how sickeningly sweet he is and just the pure laughter we share together. He knows how to make me happy.”

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On what he loves about Susan, Daniel tells, “Susan brings a bit of everything to our relationship. She can be classy or sassy, crazy or calm, and sometimes a little goofy or quirky. From the beginning, I knew Susan would be a great mum to our future kids, and a great wifey to me.”Moroccan Inspired Engagement052

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Of her side of the proposal story, Susan tells, “Daniel is always trying to find some way to troll me. On the day that he proposed, he convinced me that we were going fishing at the lake instead of the going to the snow. He proposed on the way to the snow. We both love snowboarding so it was the perfect surprise. Super corny which is very much Daniel’s style.”

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Of the same story, Daniel remembers, “I always knew she wanted a grand gesture (actually she made it quite clear that the proposal must be “epic and tear jerking and totally awesome”) so I knew it had to be very special.”

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