Sometimes it takes a light-hearted moment to banish the nerves on your big day – and in this case the pride of a Groomsmen! Groom Russ shares this rib-tickling memory after his gorgeous New Zealand Vineyard Wedding to Bride Nicole.

“As warm memories of my childhood flooded back from my amazing surroundings, I couldn’t think of a more fitting place to take my darlings hand in marriage then back home in the beautiful Hawke’s Bay. But before this could take place, the nerves were building and the lads and I were desperately trying to scrub up half decent for the occasion. During this time I watched a close friend of ours (we will call him Scott) try and make a quick (regretful) exit out a large plate glass window! The glass was fine but Scott’s forehead and pride were severely damaged – it had me in fits of laughter and now free of nerves and ready to go and greet my beautiful wife-to-be at centre stage with Hawke’s Bay, family and friends surrounding me.”

Images by Meredith Lord