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Michelle and Nathan

Being a florist, today’s bride Michelle had one style in mind for her wedding day – a flower filled wonderland! Calling on her friends and colleagues, the couple were surrounded by the most colourful and elegant of blooms as they said their I do’s in Perth, a dream Michelle had held since the age of 15.  Each bloom and each moment captured carefully by I Heart Weddings.

On how they met, Michelle recalls, “We caught each other’s eye with our dance moves, Swing Dancing! A boy that can dance is always a winner!”

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With her work in floristry, flowers were the second most important part of the day for the bride. Her bouquet was arranged by friend, Sabu Design. Michelle telling,”I’m a florist so I chose all the flowers for my bouquets and reception and trustingly delivered them to my industry friends to work their magic! I wanted to have my hand in the flowers just a little but knew I didn’t want to take on the stress of making them myself! So much hard work goes into the creation and can’t describe the moment I saw my bouquet/ceremony floral set up and reception floral set up – that I thought about since I was 15 – so nearly 19 years… It might have changed a few times over the years but always what I looked forward to seeing the most (after my husband of course!)”

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Michelle chose a gown from Tuscany Bridal.

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Michelle and Nathan held their ceremony at UWA- Tropical Grove . Michelle explaining, “The tropical grove at UWA was gorgeous and private for a busy venue (three other I do’s happening at same time) There was lots of natural, dappled light coming through the tree tops. My longtime friend Terry singing as we walked down the aisle… it was surreal and my favourite part of the whole day. The flowers and props really transformed the space thanks to my friend Jane (Ivy Flowers) and lovely pieces from Pretty Willow and Heart Strings and Pretty Things.”

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Michelle loved, “Having our dog Yoshee there at the ceremony! Lots of people said “too hard” but I found a way and he was so cute and well behaved… he’s family!”

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Michelle walked down the aisle to a friend singing and playing the guitar.

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Michelle and Nathan were married by  David Price (08 9383 9499) who also happened to be Michelle’s “brides man”  Matt’s father.

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There was a very special reading the the ceremony says Michelle. “Nathan’s grandparents are very special to us and his grandfather did a Jewish prayer reading at our ceremony… they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary a few weeks later. They are our inspiration.”

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On describing the wedding, Michelle says, “The theme was “Floral” so I achieved it if he noticed it!! It was a day that surrounded by loved ones, we were vulnerable with each other and vowed to always try our hardest to make each other happy and loved.”

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Family members traveled from far and wide for Michelle and Nathan’s wedding day, Michelle explaining, “My brother Brad, sister in law Kelly and nephew Alex flew all the way from Oregon USA to be there, with Brad also being a groomsman. They really couldn’t afford it and Alex was only 10 months old so, tough flights, but was so special to finally meet Alex and have them all there.”

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Of their photographer, Michelle notes, “She was pretty ace! Funny and natural, fought a few battles for me on the day so things went smoothly and stress-free and she got a lot of angles of my face that look great! Feeding us ice cream was a brill move. Genius!”

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The Brown Fox was chosen for Michelle and Nathan’s wedding reception. Michelle remarking, “The Brown Fox looked stunning! Kiera, Rose and the girls went above and beyond and I was bit gobsmacked when I saw it before the guests had entered! Food and wine was sensational.” Michelle decorated glass jars with doillies and lace and filled them with candles.

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Michelle remembers ” I hand wrote name tags for all the wedding favours (with skeleton keys) and tied them on with pretty ribbon”

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The first dance had to pay homage to the way the couple met, Michelle explains, “We decided after months of talking about it (12 months actually) to attempt a jive/rock n roll first dance (this after not having done it regularly for years) and chose “I saw her standing there” by The Beatles (big fan). We are friends with our dance instructors who patiently taught us all those years ago and they gave up a few Sunday afternoons/evenings to help “refresh our memory”… or more accurately stop us fighting about how certain dance moves should go. I had to change dresses on the night as there was no way I could dance in my wedding dress, especially fast! So we appeared on the dance floor as entrees were getting served and managed to look pretty good…apparently (maybe our guests were being kind?!) I was just happy I didn’t fall!! Nathan definitely stepped up, he has always been quietly confident!!”

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There was a little surprise dance for the couple, who included one of Nathan’s hobbies into their reception. Michelle telling, “Nathan is part of a kung fu group and has been involved in Chinese New Year lion dancing for about 4 years. Having them perform a wedding lion dance at our reception was so cool and a real crowd pleaser! We had to eat mandarins, drink Chinese tea as part of the ceremony and was nice to have a moment to ourselves whilst watching.”

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Congratulations Michelle and Nathan! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Natalija from I Heart Weddings for sharing today’s celebration with us!