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Pregnancy is such a vital time in your life. You are full of excitement at the future mixed with trepidation about what’s to come. These mixed feelings can lead to heightened emotions and these, coupled with the physiological symptoms (including but not limited to feeling emotional, nauseous often all day, vomiting, back aches, headaches, exhaustion, feeling sleepy, food cravings and increased sense of smell) can provide an extra challenge to the pregnant bride.

Pregnant brides need special support and camaraderie from their grooms, bridesmaids, family and friends as they ride out the often unpredictable tides of physical, emotional and hormonal waves.

Following are a list of tips for pregnant brides to consider in the hopes that the journey will be made just that little bit smoother!

1. Hire a wedding planner – alleviate the stress and have more control by engaging the services of a professional coordinator or at minimum some “day of” assistance. A good wedding planner will tailor her services to your specific needs so you can employ them for just the jobs you need help with or to oversee the entire process all under your direction. This will depend on your budget but can be money very well spent.

2. Locate a great wedding dress alterations specialist-someone who is flexible to your needs and changing body. Someone who makes you feel comfortable and is understanding of your desire to look amazing while feeling green.

Image by Mark Greenmantle via DIY Vintage Carnival Wedding

3. Keep a gratitude journal and record the peaks of your wedding planning and fill it with fun mementos. You can do this basically in Microsoft word with text and photos, visually in Pinterest through pin inspirations or in my opinion the best way is to get a real book and infuse it with smells, press flowers in its pages and make a meaningful legacy of your wedding plans. Only a real book can preserve this much love and memory.

4. Schedule at minimum once a week 30 minutes of “me time”- take a bath, read a book, meditate, dine by candlelight, talk to a friend, go for a walk, sleep, get a massage, give yourself a beauty treatment, try a new herbal tea – anything that replenishes and rejuvenates you.

5. Include “wedding gift services” on your wedding registry in lieu of material presents such as cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping and babysitting.

6. For your hens celebration, hold a girl’s pamper party. Give each other foot baths, facials and massages, share healthy food and mocktails. Toast your friendship and tell each other why you are so important to each other, what you admire in each other, why you love each other etc. Laugh, dance and be silly together –share your gifts and talents to create a truly memorable time in your lives.

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