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Erin and Dean

Erin and Dean started dating twelve years ago through mutual friend and on their eleventh anniversary, they tied the knot in a traditional, romantic wedding in the heart of SydneyWelsch Photography captured the day, from Erin’s sparkling wedding heels to the first dance accompanied by fireworks. What a night to remember!

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Erin chose a v neck gown by Karen Willis Holmes with silver heels by Jimmy Choo.

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The couple chose a beautiful building for their wedding ceremony – Glebe Town Hall. Erin noting, “We held the ceremony at Glebe Town Hall, a beautiful building built in 1880 and restored in 2013. The building was beautiful, very regal, which suited the theme of our wedding. The main hall was where we held the ceremony, and I entered through beautiful big double wooden paneled doors, at the top of a grand wooden staircase. Beautiful stained-glass windows and natural light created a classic and beautiful ambiance. Family photos were taken after he ceremony, on the landing outside the main hall.”

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Erin walked down the aisle to Pachelbel’s Canon In D.

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Erin remembers, “We had pre-ceremony canapes and drinks at the Glebe Town Hall, as a lot of our guests had come from far to be at the wedding. Our guests were able to have something to eat and drink, and mingle with friends and family before the ceremony began. Dean’s sister sang a beautiful song to us at the ceremony – she kept the actual song a secret and surprised us on the day.”

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The floral arrangements on the day were styled by Flowers by Helen Brown. Erin says, “I can highly recommend ‘Flowers by Helen Brown’ for great service and impeccable flowers.”

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Of their photographers, Erin notes, “Our photographers were Bec and Karl Welsch, of Welsch Photography. They managed to capture the essence of our day, all the emotion, love and happiness. We wanted more natural photography instead of staged and posed, and they were excellent at capturing those precious moments as they happened.”

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Erin and Dean chose the Quayside Room at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Circular Quay for the reception. Erin remembering, “The room was set out in a beautiful gold and silver theme, with tall candelabras as centre pieces, surrounded by fragrant floral arrangements. Guests were able to enjoy the incredible sunset of the balcony of the reception room, overlooking Sydney Harbour. A wonderful chance for our guests to catch up with friends and family, and enjoy the stunning surroundings! We had a wonderful jazz band playing whilst canapes on the balcony were being served, and during dinner – it added to the joyful and happy buzz during the reception!”

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Guests received a special homemade favour, says Erin, “We brewed our own beer for the favors, as Dean has brewed his own beer for many years, in keeping with his creative chef-ing background. We brewed Hefenweizen, bottled it ourselves, and complemented the look with tags made to hang around the neck of the bottle with a thank-you message on them. The cake by Naco at Cake Atelier was superb!”

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Erin remarks, “Our day was so wonderfully joyful – it meant so much to us that we were able to have such a beautiful weekend of celebrations with our family and friends. The memories created will be cherished forever… So many wonderful stories, the smiles, our incredibly special exchange of vows, our family and friends, the heartfelt speeches, our first dance…”

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I had been ballroom dancing for 15 years, so we both went and had lessons together, and a beautiful traditional Waltz was choreographed for us at The Promenade Dance Studio. We enjoyed our dance lessons leading up the the wedding, and had a wonderful time dancing together as husband and wife. Our first dance was performed to ‘Two Socks Plays’, an instrumental track from Dancing with Wolves.”

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Congratulations on your marriage Erin and Dean! Thank you for sharing your story with us! Thank you also to Welsch Photography for today’s wedding!