Ellie and Wade

I love relaxed engagement shoots where the newly engaged couple are so much in love that it’s almost as if you’re getting a peek into their normal afternoon together. Ellie and Wade’s engagement shoot took place on a sunny Summer afternoon with Kimberley of Bird and Lion Photography and feels like we’re witness to the very beauty that exists between them and has pledged towards marriage.

On Ellie, Wade tells, “I love Ellie because she brings out the best in me. She makes me laugh and smile and brings me up when I feel down. I love the way she smiles. Most of all I love her for her!”

On Wade, Ellie says, “I love how Wade makes me laugh everyday. He’s caring, supportive and keeps me grounded. I love his eyes, his smile and everything else about him. He still gives me butterflies! ”

Ellie, remembering the proposal tells, “It was 1st December 2013 and I had to work that Sunday morning. When I arrived home, I walked upstairs and Wade was standing in our room with a ring and asked me to marry him. I squealed with excitement and shock. We had talked about our future together and about getting married, but it was still a wonderful surprise when it happened. The ring is a perfect fit and is absolutely stunning. I love that our engagement was private and intimate. The way he asked me to marry him was simple and genuine, it was perfect!”

“We are happy, laid back and very much in love so we wanted a photo shoot that reflected our personalities and the type of relationship we have. Bird + Lion capture amazing candid shots, which is what we love. In terms of location for our shoot – there is just something about the outdoors that we both enjoy, so we took advantage of the afternoon summer sun.”