rural engagement021

Melanie & Adam

I love, love love seeing the country side in engagement photos. It’s like the story of two people gets a sense of relativity and size against the incredible backdrop of rolling hills and golden wheat.  Photographer Farrah Allan captured Melanie and Adam’s rural engagement photos outside of Tamworth in New South Wales. And then there’s the light, oh that golden light that is so incredible it almost bathes its subjects in golden glory.

On how they met, Adam tells, “We originally met at our local church back in 2005 when Mel was still at school. She moved to Sydney and I followed a few years later and we bumped into each other in a bookstore I was working at in 2010. I invited Mel to my Church (and out for coffee to ‘catch up’) a friendship grew from there.”

Of one of their funnier stories, Adam remembers, “I remember in the midst of wedding preparation stress levels were high. We had fight over the way in which rissoles should be cooked. The disagreement ended with us in a fit of laughter as we realised that we were in fact bickering over rissoles of all things!”

On their love, Adam remarks, “There are many things we love about each other, but I think we would both agree that we appreciate the sense of adventure we share. In a few weeks we’re off to explore the world and live in the UK for a couple of years.”

Mel recounts the proposal story. “Adam organised a folk music show at an underground venue in Sydney. He arranged artists to perform and designed posters to publicly promote the gig. To my surprise, after the first act he got up and sang a song he had written for me and asked me to marry him. I turned around in my excitement to find all my close friends and family amidst the crowd of strangers cheering us on. They had been secretly hiding in the room next door waiting for the ‘right moment’ to sneak into the room.”

“We left the style of the shoot up to our photographer and friend, Farrah. Her style, eye for detail and use of light really attracted us to her photos, so we were fully confident in her decisions on the day (and definitely satisfied with the results!)”