As they always say, fashion is a cycle and there’s no better brand to prove that than The Charlie Tinker Collective. Delicately hand-crafting ties from vintage fabrics, this Melbourne based brand makes what is old, new again, with the most dapper of vintage bow tie designs.

Started in 2010, the brand is led by Jazz Flutist, Stylist and all-round fashionista Alice Brew, who takes inspiration from her love of op shopping and turns it into unique new designs.

As Alice says, “I was an obsessed op shopper and was always attracted to items in amazing fabrics. I purchased a lot of vintage items purely because I couldn’t leave them in the little country op shop….This is when Charlie Tinker popped up and became an outlet for my vintage clothing collection and [I had] the desire to create ‘new’ from my collection of vintage and second hand fabrics”.

Drawn mostly to fabrics of the ’60s and ’70s, The Charlie Tinker Collective’s designs are bold, nostalgic and anything but boring. There are colourful mod floral ties for a rustic wedding and denim bow ties for the cowboy at heart. But what’s most special about the line is that each design isn’t just a dapper accessory, it comes with a story of its own.

“I love to imagine the story behind the clothing and fabrics I find. Who wore it, where it’s been, what events it has been at? I love that Charlie accessories often have stories behind where the fabric came from. I’ve had men purchase ties from Charlie Tinker, which were made from a vintage dress or scarf. I really enjoy the aspect of Charlie pieces provoking conversation.”

Polka Dot Groom Dominic shows off his Charlie Tinker Collective bow-tie at his Japanese Inspired Country Wedding

Hand-crafted in Melbourne, each tie is designed, hand cut and sewn by one Charlie Tinker devote from vintage, second hand or short run fabrics. A bespoke service is also offered for those grooms with an eye for something even more unique. Offering pocket squares, vintage bow ties or cravats from fabric of your choice (or which has been sourced for you), the bespoke service is a great option for the groom who can’t quite find that perfect tie he’s been searching for.

With a nod to the past, but an eye on the future, each Charlie Tinker tie is unique and bears a piece of history. If you’d like a piece of the past for yourself, you can purchase a tie online and step back in time at The Charlie Tinker Collective’s Facebook page.

Images courtesy of The Charlie Tinker Collective