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It’s funny to me that only recently did I understand how much the scents I wear transport me back to times and places. There’s the perfume Mr Polka bought me for my 21st birthday – I remember what I was wearing, the story he told of choosing it and exactly where I sat when I first smelt it. I remember the story behind each and every scent I own, right down to the last one I purchased.  It was Summer and I visited a beauty counter when I had this wonderful new experience with a makeup brand and how different and new I felt. It always takes me back there and I always walk with a little more spring in my step when I smell it.

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So in my mind, the perfect time to have a scent that is different, that transports you back to a moment, is your wedding day. Part of what I love about Polka Dot Bride is looking for new experiences and special adventures you can have as somebody who is engaged and Jo Malone have hit the nail on their head with their personal bridal consultations.

I’ve always been curious about the Jo Malone brand. The packaging has always had that chic sophistication and reflects the simplicity and pureness of the scents – fragrances like Red Roses, Saffron, English Pear & Freesia and Wild Bluebell. Most are unisex and the clean, individual scent makes them able to be customised into your own unique scent.

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Jo Malone Bridal Consultations are something special. A Jo Malone team member will meet with you at a scheduled time and immerse you in a world of fragrance, first understanding your scent preferences and then customising a blend that suits not only your wedding but your own personal style. The consultations also extend to bridal parties and then to your wedding itself – the brand offering favors, ideas of beautifully scented candles on the bridal table and extra special ways to infuse that signature scent into your wedding plans – the Jo Malone signature “Scent Surround”.

jo malone bridal consultation

On my visit to the counter for my own consultation, I met with Catherine. As a floral lover, Catherine kicked off with the latest Jo Malone release – Peony & Suede. Launched in 2013, it has top notes of red apple, middle notes of peony, jasmine and gillyflower. To extend the scent, Catherine started with the rich body souffle before spritzing the cologne.

As we’re heading into Autumn and cooler weather, I wanted some added warmth to the fresh floral, so we experimented with Orange Blossom. Orange Blossom has notes of water lily and balsamic vetiver to add depth.

For something completely different while still under the floral banner, I was introduced to English Pear & Freesia. On it’s own I found the pear too fresh and sweet for a cooler weather scent. But then Catherine hit on a scent that was just what I was after. She layered my love of Peony & Blush Suede with English Pear and Freesia creating a beautiful feminine floral scent that has an edge of warmth and depth. A scent that is just for me and my own personal memory evoking fragrance for this Autumn.

jo malone wedding fragrance

Jo Malone fragrances are grouped into basic ranges – the “Floral” collection includes the feminine favourites like Orange Blossom, Peony & Blush Suede, Blue Agavia & Cacao. The “Citrus” blends include Lime Basil and Mandarin, Grapefruit and Early Grey & Cucumber. There’s also “Light Floral’ (including four scents from Wild Bluebell to Red Roses), “Spicy” (with scents like Nutmeg & Ginger and Vanilla & Anise), “Woody” and “Cologne Intense’. The scents act as bases and through the Jo Malone “Fragrance Combining” work together to create unique and individual scents. The team are able to advise the best scent combinations to help your scent truly come together.

Most of the Jo Malone fragrance collection is unisex – which means it doesn’t only have to suit the bride but it can also be a choice for the groom. In fact, I was more than a little surprised when I was taking the photos for this post after my consultation, to see Mr Polka and Catherine chatting. Mr Polka stuck his arm under my nose and immediately I was struck by a spicy, woody scent (which turns out to be The Jo Malone 154). As someone who can never buy cologne for someone so picky, I remain amused that we were able to hit on a scent for Mr Polka within five minutes.

For Spring brides, Catherine recommends the  the fresh and floral combinations of Orange Blossom with Wild Bluebell cremes layered with either Nectarine Blossom & Honey fragrance or French Lime blossom fragrance . If you’re marrying in cooler weather then Catherine loves Peony & Blush Suede with Orange Blossom or English Pear & Freesia cremes layered with English Pear & Freesia fragrance or French Lime blossom fragrance.

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The Jo Malone Bridal Fragrance Consultation is free and available at any Jo Malone counter or store by appointment.

Photos by Ms Polka Dot