Last week we had a sweet paper craft for the ladies, now here’s one for your #1 gent. A DIY rosette buttonhole made out of paper!



1. Cut a sheet of patterned scrapbooking paper into quarters. Take one of the 15cm square sheets and rule 1cm increments along the back of the paper. Accordion-fold along the lines, using a scoring tool if you have one. Repeat with a second sheet.

2. Fold in half to form a bow shape.

3. Join the two pieces together using double-sided tape.


4. Now join each half to itself, again using double-sided tape.

5. Punch two 4cm circles out of one of the remaining sheets of paper using a circle punch. Using a tiny amount of glue, attach one circle to the centre of each side of the rosette (try using a toothpick to apply the glue to the top of the folds). Set aside to dry.

6. Glue a brooch back to the centre of the circle on the back of the rosette. Allow to dry completely.

A fun vintage-inspired alternative to the traditional floral buttonhole.

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