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While traditionally men’s wedding bands have been fashioned from softer metals like gold, silver and platinum, advancements in engineering techniques over the last decade have seen the rise and rise of metals like titanium and tungsten as alternatives, with most jewellery stores now stocking a range. One of the main reasons this has occurred is because men are often a little “harder” on their jewellery, and these modern metals can take a lot more punishment! While this is true, every metal has its benefits and drawbacks, and it’s important to know a bit more about the metals before choosing which one might be right for you.


Titanium wedding bands have become popular because the metal is both lightweight – almost half the weight of steel – yet very strong. This means that it won’t warp or bend like the softer metals, and the lack of weight makes it very comfortable – particularly for men that don’t traditionally like to wear rings. While titanium is more scratch resistant than gold or silver, it can be scratched, and unlike the softer metals, it cannot be easily resized.

Titanium wedding band in brushed satin finish


Tungsten wedding bands have also become quite mainstream now, and has become popular due to the fact that it is virtually scratch-proof. This means that under normal wear and tear, a polished tungsten ring will look the same in ten years time as the day you bought it. This is because tungsten is one of the hardest elements on earth. It is however quite heavy, which might make it unsuitable for those who don’t like the feel of a heavy wedding ring. Another property of tungsten is that just like titanium, it cannot be resized.

Tungsten wedding band with carbon fibre centreline

Most reputable sellers of these metals will offer a lifetime warranty and exchange program for these types of wedding rings, which will allow you to exchange them for a different size in the event that you experience significant weight gain or loss throughout your life, and it’s usually cheaper to do this than actually have a softer metal ring resized.

Another myth surrounding these metals is the concern that they cannot be removed in the event of an emergency. Most emergency room ring cutting tools now have tungsten blades, which means that they can cut through both titanium and tungsten rings. Additionally, titanium rings are much stronger than the softer metals, which means that they are less like to crush the finger in an emergency, and tungsten rings are designed to shatter in the event of a hard impact.

So both titanium and tungsten wedding rings will take a lot more abuse than gold, platinum or silver, but in the end, a wedding ring is a very personal choice, and only you can weigh up what metal will best suit your lifestyle, needs and wants. Your occupation, hobbies, and personal taste should all be taken into account. When you stand at the altar, you need to be proud of the ring you are wearing, regardless of what metal it is made from, and know that it will stand the test of time.

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