Akimbo DIY paper pinwheel

Paper is one of the easiest elements to DIY at your wedding: it’s cheap, it’s simple to work with and it comes in colours and patterns to suit any scheme.

Today we’re going to make adorable pinwheels. Ready?

Akimbo DIY paper pinwheel

Tip: Buy double-sided scrapbooking paper for the full effect.

Akimbo DIY paper pinwheel

1. Cut your scrapbooking paper into four squares using the craft blade and steel rule.

2. Lightly draw diagonal lines from corner to corner across one of the paper squares to form four triangles. Cut along these lines, stopping about 1cm from the centre.

3. Punch a hole in the centre of the sheet where the lines cross. Punch a hole in one corner of each triangle flap.

Akimbo DIY paper pinwheel

4. Pinch together the end of the straw and punch a hole.

5. Loosely fold in the punched corners of each triangle so all five holes line up.

6. Place a split pin through the holes of the paper and straw. Turn over and fold the split pin into a ‘T’ shape (you don’t want to press them flat or the pinwheel won’t be able to spin).

Akimbo DIY paper pinwheel

You can use these as diy paper pinwheels as bouquet alternatives for bridesmaids or flowergirls or give to guests as a colourful send-off from your ceremony.

I am Alicia Parsons, the Atypical Type A. I live in Adelaide, South Australia in a modest townhouse with my new hubby Ryan (aka The Man). I am the owner and graphic designer behind Akimbo, which specialises in quirky invitations, announcements and greetings.

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