fabric-chandelier-weddingSee that pic up there? That’s me and my husband two years ago on our wedding day. And see that lovely hanging fabric chandelier to the right? Well that’s what we are making today!

This simple, no-sew, rustic diy fabric chandelier is lovely for all sorts of occasions and settings. Try it for a bridal shower, over the dessert buffet or at the ‘altar’ like we had on the beach.

The other great thing about them is that you can totally tailor them to your theme. Going natural? Try linens and soft cottons in mute greys, soft browns and creams. Or having a bright party? Mix it up with neons and fun patterns. Just pick the fabrics to suit you.



 What you need:

– A variety of fabrics to suit your colour theme. I recommend getting fabrics that tear easily if possible, as this will make cutting them easier. No problems if you can’t, it will just take a little more time to cut strips.

– Ribbons and/or lace.

– Sharp scissors.

– Wooden embroidery hoop (I used a 20cm one from Spotlight for this project but you might want to go bigger depending on what you are using it for)

– Twine or other fabric to hang the hoop.


1. Cut or tear the fabric into 1 inch strips. Cut the strips and ribbon/lace to a length that suits you. Mine were all different lengths as I wanted it to look rustic.


2. Tie the strips around the hoop, securing with a knot. Continue until the entire hoop is covered like below.

3. Tie a piece of twine or fabric around two sides of the hoop so you can hang it.


Images and tutorial by emerald + ella

Ms Gingham says: I’m imagining this with great big long flowing pieces of chiffon. Gorgeous and ethereal!

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