Nicole & Nick

Nicole and Nick hit up country Victoria for their engagement photographs. Teaming up with Photography By Sarah J, they wanted an engagement shoot that was as relaxed as possible, starting in abandoned buildings before moving onto the glorious beauty of the country.

On how they met, Nick remembers. “We met around three years ago when I, Nick, had bailed on the hectic nature of Melbourne city and retreated to the country town of Bendigo, where Nicole had grown up and, there are also a lot of bad drivers. I had left for some much needed respite and rest and was actually playing a live song I had written, while Nicole was sitting in the small crowd at the time.”

“Apart from laughing a lot together, the thing that we most love about each other is the fact that we had seen all the cracks and all the broken, ugly bits right up front, because we never thought that we would fall for each other. We were just great friends and thought that was all it would be. But, before too long, we did in fact fall for each other and despite the imperfections, a rather perfect love found its way in and did its thing. It has made for a really honest and unique, imperfectly perfect relationship.”

Nick tells, “There are plenty of funny stories, but the most obvious is the fact that we have the same name and same birthday, which has really slim lined the whole “remembering each other’s birthday and name” thing. We have also planned the wedding day, for the day before the “we got together” anniversary, which keeps in line with our minimalistic relationship calendar.”

Nick says, “We didn’t choose the style of shoot and just let Sarah do her thing. We just wanted it to be as natural as possible and Sarah just nailed that for us and we are stoked with the result. Can’t wait to see what she does with the wedding shoot.”

Of the proposal, Nick recalls, “I proposed to Nicole in the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens after a little picnic. I managed to convince Nicole that I just wanted to take some photos of her around the garden afterwards, to try and get some more followers on Instagram. While taking one photo from a low (on one knee) position, I pulled out the ring, as well as the question. Nicole forgot which finger the ring goes on, so that was confusing because I couldn’t remember either.”