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I’ve noticed more and more brides wearing family heirloom wedding gowns lately. I love the thought of wearing a wedding gown that has been worn before – the magic and joy of a wedding held within its fibres. So enter Maggie May, a brand new online store founded by friends Vienna & Rose which specialises in vintage wedding gowns.

The girls, also wedding photographers, source vintage wedding gowns from across the world, hand inspecting each piece and making sure it’s beautifully restored and in great shape for a modern wedding day.

The gowns are available to buy from the Maggie May website (with free shipping worldwide). Each listed with its sizing information, fabric and condition and beautiful imagery. From vintage wedding gowns found in Mexico, to seventies style gowns found in America. The dynamic duo is sourcing beautiful gowns for all kinds of vintage loving brides who want the specialness that comes with a vintage gown on their wedding day.

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