1. River of Romansk – When I was a bridesmaid for my best friend’s wedding last year, she bought me a dress from River of Romansk on Etsy. It was so exquisite! My friend gave us the link and I visited River of Romansk’s website and fell in love with their whimsical, romantic clothing. The dresses are one of a kind and beautiful; they come in so many lovely hues of pink, mint, sea foam and cream. I especially adore the long flowy gowns, and and have my eye one for an event coming up in spring. (Photo from River of Romansk).

2. Betjeman and Barton – One time, at a wedding in Amsterdam, we were given some teas from Betjeman and Barton to bring home as a thank you gift. It was such a fabulous idea and we loved it as a gift! As a tea aficionado it is not surprising that I am now a fan of Betjeman and Barton. (Photos from Betjeman and Barton).

3. Diptyque – Whenever I’m in Paris, I never fail to stop by Diptyque to stock up on perfumes and candles. My favourite store is along rue Francs Bourgeois, in Le Marais. I love how a scent can complete an outfit, adding a certain “je ne sais quoi”; I have different scents for different occasions. I’m currently wearing “Eau Lente”. Each scent is so unique – you will stand out from others. I imagine as a bride, you would want all details at your wedding to be perfect. Carrying a scent you love with you would put a lovely finishing touch to your look on your wedding day. (Photos from Diptyque).

4. Ballet Flats – Repetto and Elehandmade – I am a huge fan of comfortable footwear. The best shoes, in my opinion, for brides and bridesmaids – or just about anyone who has to be on their feet a lot, has got to be ballet flats. They are so girly, versatile to style, and comfy! It is essential for a bride to feel as relaxed as possible on her wedding day, and good footwear is important.

I love Repetto, but recently was introduced to Elehandmade on Etsy. I was fascinated. Handmade shoes from soft leather! As someone once said, it is important to wear good shoes, because they will bring you to good places. Here’s hoping! (Photos from Repetto and Elehandmade)

5. Brora – Having spent many cold winters in the Netherlands, Brora’s cashmere is something I cannot live without. Made in Scotland, the cashmere items are so warm and of such supreme quality. I imagine as a bride (or bridesmaid) with a wedding in the colder months, it is necessary to keep warm. Brora’s cardigans and stoles would do just that, with much luxurious softness. (Photo from Brora)

6. PiP Studio – PiP Studio is a brand well-known for their floral designs. Their plates make for great decoration or table placement! Wedding invitations can be made with their cards from the stationery line! As someone who creates hair accessories with flowers, I feel like PiP Studio is a kindred spirit as well as an inspiration. (Photo from PiPStudio).

Ms Gingham says: I for one have just discovered a heap of new shops that I will be studying online very diligently!

Sereine of Jewelsalem Bridal says: I grew up reading Dickens, admiring Jo March, listening to Coltrane and dreaming of living in Hemingway’s Paris. I feel as though I am constantly seeking the world forgotten by time yet missed by many.