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Did you know more proposals are delivered to more future brides on Valentine’s Day than any time of the year? From there, it starts with booking the ceremony and reception venues, shortly followed by choosing rings. After this, the bride-to-be’s attention is focused solely on finding her dream frock.

Thankfully, gowns are no longer all fluffy, ball-like, white polyester ones. Today, it’s all about personalisation and truly reflecting who the bride is.

Cue the ROTH Outlet – the new HQ of Australia’s first bridal outlet is all about the pursuit of assisting brides in their goal of projecting who they are to the groom, family, and friends and – thanks to social media – the world.

Here’s my top ten bridal trends for 2014!

1. Brides want to have their cake & eat it too.

Brides have gone back to basics, requiring much more vital components – cost, style, quality, service and availability – as they scramble to compete for the bridal budget.

2. Style sophistication skyrockets.

The stranglehold on strapless necklines is so very 2009. Incredible, elegant, cool, sexy necklines are dramatically changing our brides into looks straight off the Milan Runway.

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3. Personalisation rules over tradition.

Conventional and stringent expectations of bridal protocol, restricted by the ceremony and the reception’s creativity, are over. “Costume style”, white wedding gowns, with bridesmaids in rainbow colours, is no longer the trend. The only protocol is doing whatever the bride and groom want.

4. Destination & outdoor weddings skyrocket.

The huge explosion of outdoor weddings in Australia has meant a big increase at the Outlet for fitted, fluffy ball gowns that are light and trainless. The clean striking white ball gown returns.

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5. 2014 ushers in price sensitivity by an educated consumer.

Today’s bride is armed with knowledge and instant information. Brides worldwide tweet, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Yelp and text. From their research, they knows what’s what and they call the shots.

6. Contour gowns that are textured & not over-beaded are in.

The demand for textured, sculptured, and not necessarily beaded gowns is the direction many brides are taking. They’re choosing a polished and fashion-forward sophistication.

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7. Definite style statements are embraced with a runway fantasy.

Brides envision their aisle as the red carpet and they style to match. Satin-beaded, flared peplum finishes and A-line skirts perfect this.

8. Be prepared for the spectacle revelation.

Eyewear makes a grand entrance and finally brides realise that part of their look and branding is about wearing their prescription glasses. This is the last thing you should be discarding when you get to the top of the aisle.

9. Brave new steps embrace concepts of style untried before.

New styles are making headway as brides are more prepared to commence with a blank canvas. Confidence is increasing among brides as they make the final decision on what will be the most expensive dress they will ever buy.

10. Bridezillas be gone – as they never were.

TV portrayal of frenzy nastiness makes great television but it is certainly not a reality. The truth is that brides are finally realising that it’s not just about them but about everyone else as well.

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Ms Gingham says: All points agreed! I just love the versatility that bridal designers like Henry are showing so that every bride can find the dress that truly suits her!

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