Linh and Daniel

As a romantic by nature (obviously, seeing as I write this blog) this shoot by Jessica Ruisan – Silk Truffle Photography  made me smile. It’s simply natural, it’s romantic and it’s all about Linh and Daniel and their love for each other.

Linh tells the story of how they first met. “We met through work. Our friendship blossomed quickly. Not long after several corridor and stair well “coincident” meetings did we start lunching together and soon after, dating!”

“We love that we have the same goals in life. We love that we don’t need anything more than each other’s company to feel fulfilled and happy. We nurture each other in our own ways and we always seem to reach the same stage in life at a similar time.”

Of the proposal, Linh remembers, “It was the before my birthday – 3 days before we were due to go on our annual trip overseas – that time, to Europe – Paris, Nice, Venice, Rome! Daniel was insistent that we celebrate my birthday, even though we had a holiday planned and that we take some time off work and go away, and so we did!

We had a great time away– all under the facade that it was my birthday. On the morning we were due to drive back he began acting very unusual but I resigned this to Daniel just being Daniel! Out of nowhere, he proposed! When I finally came out of my bewildered daze, I of course, said “yes” ! The ring was stunning. To top this off he had designed the ring himself! He is an absolute jackpot! It was the most magical and dreamy time in my life. Corny but true, it was just like in the movies!

Of their engagement photographs, Linh tells, “We wanted something that reflected our style and our relationship. We wanted it to look magical and romantic, all the while being sleek, elegant, timeless and classy.

In the first engagement shoot, Daniel chose a chequered blue bow tie and I, a ballerina inspired tulle dress with white angel wings. We had an opportunity to dress up and so why not do something fun!? In the second shoot we chose a more sophisticated elegance.”