Geometric table number

Paper is great but why not go three-dimensional for your table signage?

Here’s how to make these nail & thread timber table numbers (don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it looks).

Geometric table number

Before you start, print out your numbers onto plain paper, in a size that will fit your timber. Make sure you choose a really bold, block font such as Impact.

You can find the timber at your local hardware store; you can even ask them to cut it into pieces for you. Make sure it’s nice and thick so that the numbers can be freestanding. Give any rough edges a quick once-over with sandpaper.

Geometric table number

1. Trim your printed numbers to fit the timber pieces and stick them on using magic tape.

2. Hammer in nails around the edge of the numbers, starting from the corners.

3. Remove magic tape and tear paper template off timber. If there are any excess bits around the nails, remove with tweezers or a craft blade.

4. Tie a piece of embroidery thread to one nail. Make a pattern through the rest of the nails, looping it around just under the head.

5. Return to the original nail; tie off and trim excess thread. Repeat process with coordinating thread colours.

Geometric table number

The perfect earthy, handmade touch for a contemporary tablescape.

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