We talk so much about the wedding gown here at Polka Dot Bride that we often forget that there needs to be thought put into what goes underneath! This stunning bridal lingerie editorial shoot from photographer Lyndel Yeo & Daniel Jackson @35mm Fashion Photography, stylist Sarah Willcocks, assistant stylist Sarah Kempson, hair and makeup artist Trish Sousa with model Saasha B @Chadwicks celebrates what goes on beneath the gown.

Entitled Château L’Amour, the team pulled together pieces from My Lingerie Addiction, Hopeless Lingerie, Love And Lustre, Loula, Karen Willis Holmes, Anna Campbell and Pamela Usanto. Along with flowers from Wunderplant and jewels and accessories from K is for Kani, Julia Deville from e.g.etal and Karlie Gartner to show the romance and allure of beautiful lingerie paired with the beauty of a wedding.

Like the bridal gown, lingerie can be created and crafted to become a piece of art. There are so many beautiful pieces in this shoot, that are feminine and alluring while remaining tasteful and sophisticated.