Image via Shannon Fleming Civil Celebrant

This has got to be one of the biggest hurdles I face as a Celebrant.

Aside from the legal requirement and time frames there’s the availability issue.

People tend to book with plenty and I mean plenty (think 2013 booking for 2015 wedding!) of notice, or too late and their date isn’t available.

So when should you book your celebrant? In short, as soon as possible! In fact I’m going to say it should be a top 3 decision. Date, Venue and Celebrant.

There’s nothing worse as a Celebrant than getting a fabulous excited email from someone asking you to be part of their day, and having to decline because you’ve already got a booking. And even harder, is them not understanding how you’re already booked when it’s still 4 months away.

Aside from the fact this is the part that makes you legally hitched, your Celebrant & Ceremony will set the tone for your day. It’s super important that you find someone you both really click with and genuinely feel comfortable around and don’t end up in an ‘anyone will do’ situation.

Because no, just anyone won’t do!

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Ms Gingham says: Sound advice. The sooner the better.

Shannon says: “I’m a bit of an alternative to the ‘average celebrant’. Your wedding day should be relaxing, fun and one you will remember.”