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This new mantra of mine (well ours, I’ll give him some credit too) is something I wanted to share after a recent conversation I had with someone. After a long, in-depth, lighthearted conversation a friend (who is also planning her wedding) had initiated about a supplier she’d met with, she turned and said ‘no, I think I’ll just do it my way, they don’t know what I want’.


This brings me to point number one of this article – stop.

When you’re in the planning stages, stop, work out what you like, and what exactly what is it you’re looking for? And then pick 3 suppliers you really love at first inspection. Whether it’s a florist, venue, celebrant or dress designer, there is no point making 16 appointments to look at things because you’ll get swarmed with information that just won’t stick.

So visit 3, if none of them suit, pick 3 more. That’s how you will find the perfect wedding supplier for you.

But be sure to have a really clear idea of what is it you want, this makes it easier for everyone involved and is a sanity saver. Saying to a florist ‘I want purple in my bouquets’ just doesn’t help them and chances are you won’t be happy with the final result.

So instead of going in unarmed, too vague, or on the flip side being so over specific and not willing to budge, collaborate.

Look at their previous works; discuss what you think you’re looking for. Look at other things they’re working on currently. Chat about trends and what else you have planned for your wedding and how they can help it come together. Working together is a collaboration and should act as a melting pot for ideas.

Finally, listen. There’s obviously a reason you’ve decided to meet and chat with this supplier – you like what you’ve seen so far. So listen to them. They haven’t spent years perfecting their art to have someone walk in and then discuss taking the DIY path or looking on Esty to copy their ideas and work.

More often than not the vision you have in your mind and reality are two very different things.

It’s not that easy to make things yourself! Ordering a dress from China may not work out. And getting a friend to photograph your day because ‘they’re really into photography’ could end up a disaster and remember you can’t go back and do it again.

If these people are taking the time to meet with you and share their knowledge and experience, have the courtesy to genuinely listen and use the opportunity to ask any questions you have, use their expertise don’t abuse it.

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Ms Gingham says: Great advice. A really solid place to start if you’re just embarking on your wedding planning.

Shannon says: “I’m a bit of an alternative to the ‘average celebrant’. Your wedding day should be relaxing, fun and one you will remember.”

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