When the Groom is away overseas for work for almost all of the wedding planning period (give or take 2-3 weeks), then it’s especially nice to see him reflect on the hard work the Bride put in in his absence! At Yvonne and Senthu’s Hindu-Western Fusion Wedding, DIY was at the forefront of this colourful day of love and unity. Groom Senthu shares his highlights with us today.

“There were definitely more than a few memorable moments:

1. The highest rainfall in the region happened to grace us on the night before the big day. Obviously not the best sound to wake up to, but as so many friends said – ‘it’s lucky for it to rain on your wedding day’. The scramble to pull together Plan B and hope it would work was stressful, but all fears washed away when we first walked into the reception venue.”


“2. The bride, as she walked into the Hindu temple for the first time, was captivating – the photos don’t do that moment justice.”


3. Every single piece of DIY on the day…and there was a lot…from the flowers, to the table placers, to the music, to the decorations, to the guest book…it was ridiculous, but at then end of the day, while we sit back and enjoy the photos our many friends took, it’s satisfying to see all the detail, and the story they each carry..”



Images by Tinker Photography 

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