Renita and Swapan’s Cosy Winter Engagement Photos

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Renita and Swapan

I think I love engagement shoots most when a couple’s own personality shines through. Renita and Swapan introduced  their own story into their engagement photos- Swapan proposed with Polaroids, so there were plenty! The couple’s favourite pastime is curling up with a glass of wine and comfort food – so both elements came into play when the couple met with photographer Trish of Tealily Photography on a warm winter’s day to capture their engagement.

Of their meeting story, Renita tells ,”In the first year of our ‘grown up jobs’ at work. We sat across from each other and always found ourselves together exchanging witty banter at work events.”

There was one hairy moment while the couple were unofficially dating, Renita remembering, “Back to the early days we were discrete about each other with our mutual colleagues and friends because we were in a period of undefined couple status. One morning after we had been to dinner the night before, I sent Swap an email and in it ‘…thanks for taking me home last night’. I somehow managed to hit the print button, which was hooked up to a communal printer – that processed the print job immediately – and was located in another office building. We were both off site. At any moment someone could grab the email off the printer and we’d become office gossip! Freaking out I frantically dial Swap ‘Ahhh what do I do!’ as I bolt down to the other office. He is in a fit of laugher, finding it all very amusing.

To my relief, I get to the printer to find my email sitting there. My entire team was in a meeting so the printing had not been picked up and distributed. Now it’s funny, but in the moment, not so much. I’m glad he found this entertaining! ”

Renita loves, “That laughter fills our lives and we finish each other’s sentences.”

Of the proposal Renita tells, “On a Saturday morning I drove myself home from an exam. Books in hand and sweaty from the heat, I opened the door to our apartment to find hanging Polaroids from our ceiling. He had printed out every picture we had ever taken together and I thought to myself, wow, that’s a nice surprise for finishing my exams. Orange tulips filled the apartment and then I spotted a bucket of champagne and Swap walking toward me with a giant smile. Some heartfelt words later, he got on one knee, I cried and said yes! ”

So Polaroids featured in the couple’s shoot, bringing back memories.

Red wine and beautiful cook books set the scene for a romantic picnic – also representing the couple’s favourite pastime, Renita noting, “We are thrilled to have Trish as our photographer. Much of the style is from what she brings! We wanted to feel relaxed and just have fun with the shoot but also incorporate things we enjoy. We’re generally cozy people – Autumn and Winter being our favourite months because it means cuddling up with comfort food and red wine. This is what we told Trish and left the rest to her expertise and recommendations for location. The engagement session was shot in July and we were lucky to have such a beautiful warm day.”


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  • jaredpapertwinltd says:
    January 21, 2014 at 1:07 am

    You’ve caught the sunset at the perfect moment, lovely shoot.



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