Summer is here, bringing with it loads of sunshine and lots of heat! Help your guests cool down in style with these bright drink stirrers that will add a lovely splash of colour to your wedding.


Step 1

Download our free ‘Cheers!’ drink stirrer printable and print it out onto cardstock.

Step 2

Using scissors or a punch, cut out each of the circles (I highly recommend using a punch to make things easier and faster – the printable is designed to be cut out with a 1 1/4 inch circle punch).

Step 3

Once all your circles have been cut out, select two circles of the same colour and adhere them back-to-back to the end of a skewer using craft glue.

Step 4

When all the circles have been adhered to the skewers, trim the ends of the skewers so that they fit the height of your glasses. Then mix your favourite drink, add a stirrer and enjoy!

Images by Stelloberry Designs

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Ms Gingham says: Give me that drink! Yum!

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