Since the engagement, I’ve become addicted to bridal magazines, blogs and oh so easily engrossed by the copious images on Pinterest. With so much to read and see, it was easy to become overwhelmed by the prospect of planning all the finer details like catering, flowers and styling. Eventually, my fiancé Beau and I realised that we needed professional advice to help us create a unique and memorable wedding day where we could just savour the experience rather than having to co-ordinate everything ourselves.


We teamed up with Lisa from White+White Weddings and Events who are located above our ceremony and reception venue, Lightspace, Brisbane. Whilst we originally thought wedding planning was only for couples who desired lavish, big budget weddings, we soon came to the conclusion that this was not the case. Instead, working with Lisa has made the wedding journey stress free and surprisingly more affordable, as we are getting professional assistance that has given us new insight into what’s feasible to bring our ideas to life. Since our initial consultations, she has created a stunning ‘retro romance’ vision board, incorporating the key elements we discussed in our consultations. Beau and I are thrilled with the overall look and now await the next step, which involves a styling proposal.


Ms Gingham says: Oooo the vision looks brilliant! How exciting!

Pippa says: I am passionate about dance, teaching, travel and DIY projects. Blessed to be marrying the love of my life, Beau. Our wedding journey is exciting and providing many opportunities to share special experiences with others.