Tash and Sam’s Wandering Newcastle Engagement Photos

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wandering newcastle engagement001

Tash and Sam

I think some of my favourite engagement sessions are the wandering kind, the kind where you and your beloved wander your favourite places. Tash and Sam were joined by Matts Photography for a wander through the streets of Newcastle. There is something special about being in familiar places that mean something to you when picking the location for your photos.

Photographer Matt tells. “Yesterday was a pretty nice winter’s day. So nice in fact that it actually felt like summer. A few weeks back a bride and groom of mine, Tash & Sam called up to do a pre wedding/engagement shoot before their wedding in November.

We picked the date and time, they picked the location – Newcastle CBD. I had never met them before, only communicated via emails so meeting someone for the first time out the front of a busy coffee shop not knowing what they look like can be challenging. Luckily for me when I took a punt and waved at a good looking couple, they waved back. It was Tash & Sam. We sat down, had a quick chat, introduced ourselves like all photographers, brides and grooms do. After a minute or two I knew these guys were pretty cool and we’d have a good shoot.

Our first stop was a great ice breaker. We found an Odditorium buried in the back streets of Newcastle’s Hunter St Mall. It was this crazy vintage shop with all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Records, Animal Skins, Skulls, False Teeth, (yes an actual set of false teeth) and some real funky owners who let us shoot in the shop.

In our initial conversation I asked Tash & Sam how they met. Like a lot of people do it was at a party. In the words of Tash, “Sam was the cool guy playing guitar, I was the girl at the back of the room yelling requests”. A match made in heaven really. So with both being heavily influenced by music growing up, sorting through a collection of vintage and old vinyls was a great way to kick things off. The remainder of the afternoon was great. We were blessed with some killer sun light, the best of what the end of winter had to offer. ”

wandering newcastle engagement002
wandering newcastle engagement003
wandering newcastle engagement004
wandering newcastle engagement005

The couple’s own take on how they met, “We met at a mutual friend’s party, Sam was playing guitar and I was shouting requests. Sam worked hard for the next 10 months to get me to go on a date and once we did we have never looked back! ”

wandering newcastle engagement006
wandering newcastle engagement007
wandering newcastle engagement008
wandering newcastle engagement009
wandering newcastle engagement010

“We laugh everyday! Every morning Sam makes me a coffee and calls out from the kitchen ‘black or white darls’. He says it in a voice that infuriates me but makes me laugh at the same time! ”

wandering newcastle engagement011
wandering newcastle engagement012
wandering newcastle engagement013
wandering newcastle engagement014
wandering newcastle engagement015
wandering newcastle engagement016

“Sam proposed at home, very low key, which is very much our style.”

wandering newcastle engagement017
wandering newcastle engagement018
wandering newcastle engagement019
wandering newcastle engagement020
wandering newcastle engagement021

Of Tash, Sam says, “Tash makes me try new things, you can hear her laugh from anywhere! She is motivated and kind.”

wandering newcastle engagement022
wandering newcastle engagement023
wandering newcastle engagement024
wandering newcastle engagement025
wandering newcastle engagement026
wandering newcastle engagement027
wandering newcastle engagement028

“We wanted photos that reflect us as a couple, we’re very relaxed but have a lot of fun together. Matt captured this perfectly! ”

wandering newcastle engagement029
wandering newcastle engagement030
wandering newcastle engagement032
wandering newcastle engagement033
wandering newcastle engagement034

Of Sam, Tash says, “Sam is a very gentle kind person who sees the best in everyone and brings out the best in me. He has an amazing ability to grow a beard!”

wandering newcastle engagement035
wandering newcastle engagement037


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  • HayleyLane says:
    December 7, 2013 at 4:58 pm

    What a gorgeous shoot and an adorable couple! I’d love to visit that little shop, it looks amazing!

  • Ann says:
    December 8, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    Yes that shop is frozen in time

  • Peter Grenaway from The Wedding Boutique says:
    December 8, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    So many shots i really like here and it did look like a fun day out. I hope we get the pleasure of seeing the Wedding day shoot.
    Good luck guys,all the best.
    Ps …. Im soooo jealous of that beard.

  • Suzie says:
    December 9, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    Oh this is so natural and lovely! So many engagement photos are so contrived, but these are just lovely. The couple look like so much fun, I hope we get to see their wedding photos too!



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