Shannon and Simon

What could be more romantic than being on a lake at sunset? When Shannon and Simon planned their engagement photos, they wanted a backdrop that was was different to their beach wedding location. Both fell in love with the beautiful lake they’d spotted and with their photographer (appropriately called Sunlit Studios) they set about capturing their story in the most incredible setting.

Shannon tells the story of how they came to be. “We met in high school. We actually used to give each other advice on how to win the hearts of our school yard crushes.”

The proposal took place in the couple’s home (Oh how I love at home proposals) – Shannon remembering, “We built our house together so it was really meaningful for Simon to propose to me at home. I got home late one night to find tea light candles, scattered rose petals and a trail of notes (of favourite memories) leading to our deck where Simon was waiting, down on one knee. The next day he whisked me away for a beautiful weekend where he hired a private yacht to take us to South Stradbroke Island.”

Recalling one funny story from the wedding planning, Shannon tells, “While planning the wedding, I had asked Simon if he could look after the chair covers needed for the reception. Simon gladly took this task some how thinking that I had asked him to look for seat covers for his ute (his pride and joy) so that it was looking its best for the wedding. After about a week and during dinner conversation, Simon mentioned that he had found the perfect covers but they were a little too expensive at $300. I said that was cheap for 80 chair covers and Simon burst in to laughter realising it was too good to be true.”

And what do they love about each other? “Almost everything! We have been together for seven years and it just keeps on getting better! ”