When I read these beautiful memories that Groom Justin shared after his Rustic River Wedding to Jay, it reminded me so much of what a marriage really means – bringing families and love together. Remembering those little moments that made it intimately your day is so special, and we love to be able to share them with you!

Justin shares “I didn’t really have a favourite part to our wedding. I really enjoyed the whole day start to finish. Jay took my breath away as she stepped out of James’ car. She was absolutely stunning. My son Isaac exclaiming “I got him” mid ceremony while playing Angry Birds on someone’s phone and dressed in his pirate outfit was pretty special. My five year old daughter Abigail, dressed in all her finery, marshalling up the other young ladies at the reception and holding court.”

“Paddling down with so many of our friends, socialising with everyone as a family and just generally immersing ourselves in the atmosphere of the event was heaps of fun. If I had to pick a best part, it would probably be that here, three months later, it’s all still so fresh and vivid in my memory. We still live it every day and I doubt that will ever change. It was a great day as have those that followed.”

Images by Katie K at Heartstory Photography.

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