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OK, so you’re engaged and madly in love, what’s next?

After setting the date and booking in your venue, you should start researching for your hair and makeup. The majority of brides know how important getting the look is, and this is why these lovely ladies book a lot earlier than what is stated in wedding magazines. This is because they know how high in demand some makeup artists can be, and to avoid disappointment, some even book more than 18 months in advance to make sure they get who they want.

So, how to choose the right makeup artist for your wedding. When booking your hair and makeup stylist, quality and reputation should come first over price. Start by asking around (friends, family, vendors in the industry and wedding blogs) who they would recommend, and why. Then you need to look at their portfolio and see which style you prefer. There is no such thing as a ‘standard’ bridal look, as everyone is different and they are all unique in their own way. You need to decide whether you want to go for a modern princess look, vintage glamor, porcelain doll or a natural, beautiful version of you!

TIP: You’ll find if you contact anyone towards the end of the week, they may take a bit longer to get back to you, since weekends are their busiest time. I encourage brides to email instead of call. This way it’s less likely that there will be any miscommunication.

Image by Jenny Sun Photography | Hair & Makeup by Amy Chan Hair & Makeup Artistry

But how do you determine your perfect bridal look? A good hair and makeup artist should be able to identify your skin tone, advise on the most appropriate colors for you, and the best hairstyle taking into consideration the shape of your face, dress, accessories, personality and the type of look you want to achieve. He/she should be able to give you options for your bridesmaid’s hairstyle as well, so that all of your compliment each other nicely, and most importantly, won’t outstage you! A very important point you need to remember is, he/she should be able to create the look you’re after, as close as possible anyway, and that he/she must listen to what you want, instead of doing what he/she wants. Collect photos of the hair and makeup you like, and discuss this with your artist on the day of trial.

Image by Jenny Sun Photography | Hair & Makeup by Amy Chan Hair & Makeup Artistry

A makeup trial is essential. If the makeup artist has a studio, it’s best to go to them. There they have all the equipment that they’ll need handy, and also the majority of the time great lighting so you can see properly. This is my first option as the environment is distraction free but if you don’t have any other choice, choose a room in your home which is quiet and private and don’t allow too many people in. This will only confuse you and your stylist and lead to misunderstandings.

On the big day however you should always have your stylist come to you at your location to eliminate travel time. This will help calm your nerves, as you’re in a familiar environment and more likely to be more relaxed and comfortable.


Ms Gingham says: Amy is definitely and expert on this topic being a very sought after hair and makeup artist! Some great advice!

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