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melbourne marriage celebrant

I always talk about what i think is important at a wedding (answer: whatever you deem!). But there is one role that you really can’t go without, otherwise it wouldn’t be a wedding! The celebrant or officiant is that linch pin that makes everything legal and binds you together for life. So let me introduce you to Melbourne celebrant Lise Rodgers Civil Marriage Celebrant.

Lise Rodgers Civil Marriage Celebrant is all about telling your own individual story. She works closely with her couples to create a ceremony that is unique and personal to you. With 20 years acting experience, you won’t have problems with Lise hiding in the corner. She’ll be professional, charming and delightful adding her own special experience to your wedding ceremony.

We asked Lise from Lise Rodgers Civil Marriage Celebrant five questions in five minutes –

What is your favourite after five drink?

For me nothing beats a traditional dry martini – gin, vermouth ( shaken not stirred ) – unless it’s a limontini, my own twist of gin and limoncello. Delicious!

Your favourite weekend getaway?

I love Daylesford and the Victorian spa country. I always look forward to doing a weekend wedding at the convent so that I have the perfect excuse to stay over.

Favourite restaurant?

The European, Spring St. Melbourne

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Thick wholemeal toast with lashings of marmalade and a mug of strong black coffee

Your favourite wedding story?

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne are the home of some well known black swans. Having done many ceremonies in the gardens, I’ve noticed that the swans are almost trained to perform on cue and in formation, as though as soon as they see a wedding underway they say – righto, here we go again, another wedding, show time…. and get themselves into a group and then march past the bridal party. Anyway, at a ceremony last year near the edge of the ornamental lake, guests are all settled, groom and groomsmen in position, Scottish piper playing in readiness for the bride to make her entrance – when up march the swans from the lake. But this time they don’t stop, but keep walking onto the red carpet and totally unfazed by people or piper continue up and out, just missing the bride and her father! But that’s not all – as the couple were sitting at the signing table a murmur went through the guests, I looked down to see a turtle that had decided to get in on the act , having a rest on the soft fabric of the bride’s train, before slowly making it’s way off into the shrubbery. Just one of those amazing coincidental moments that are the stuff that memories are made from.

Visit Lise Rodgers Civil Marriage Celebrant’s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Lise Rodgers is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory