The second of our Christmas gift guides 2013! Today, it’s all about the groom and groomsmen! If you’re stuck for a Christmas gift, or looking for something to buy as a wedding or thank you gift for the groom and groomsmen, I have found my favourites (and Mr Polka approved!) gift ideas.


Aura By Tracie Ellis Chevron Grande Tablecloth in Mint, Straw Hat ($52 Available at The Woodsfolk) Napoleone Cider Core Cider Club (From $142), Lord Coconut 1800 Cufflinks By Janty Fry ($110) ONA “The Brooklyn” Camera Bag In Chestnut ($329), Beats Studio Headphones ($429), Mr Black Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur ($57)

Straw Hat ($52 Available at The Woodsfolk) I think hats are underrated, and I think every guy needs one for Summer and if they are anything like Mr Polka’s friends they become somewhat of a signature. I have also been known to steal his hats, as has Papa Polka and yet they never quite receive the stature that they deserve. We need more funky hats in the world and that is why this number made our Christmas list!

In amongst our Christmas gift guide, you’ll find things I personally love and use. Napoleone Cider Core Cider Club was one of my discoveries this year and definitely ranks in the top three of apple ciders on our list. When we visited the winery where they brew the cider earlier this year (after discovering it in our favourite restaurant) we accidentally got swept into signing up into their cider club. The Napoleone apple and pear ciders are beautiful to drink- crisp and clean, just like a fresh apple but the cider club also offers a traditionally brewed (with a cork!) apple and pear ciders. I love this as a gift idea not only for Christmas but for our groomsmen or groom.  The Core Club offers different tiers- allowing you to choose the regular cider or traditionally brewed- or a mix!

If there is ever a time for cufflinks, than a wedding is it – these Lord Coconut 1800 Cufflinks By Janty Fry are made out of re-purposed watch pieces. They have a steam punk style to them but would also suit someone who is a bit technical and interested in the inner workings of mechanics. I love the stylish design of them with that little piece of difference- something that I’m always looking for in presents. Perfect for a groomsmen gift too!

I found my dream camera bag this year- the ONA “The Brooklyn” Camera Bag In Chestnut. I love everything about it – it’s the most fantastic gift for a camera lover or photography buff. It’s unisex so you can feel happy to steal it for yourself and it’s handcrafted out of real leather. The best part it doesn’t look like a camera bag – none of the ONA bags do, instead designed to be complementary to your own personal style. I love the chestnut leather of this style and the foam inserts for the camera make sure it’s snug inside.

I remember when I was growing up how important it was to have the very best audio quality with headphones and the popular Beats Studio Headphones are brand new to the market, just in time for Christmas and a pretty fantastic present idea. Firstly- they’re lighter than ever before with adaptive noise cancelling, a 20 hour rechargeable battery and RemoteTalk, allowing you to control calls and music with a touch of a button. They also come in three colours (red, white and black) and a fold up into a portable case, perfect for travel! Love this for the audio buffs you need to give to.

It seems I have been all about Kickstarter and Pozible campaigns this year and I was lucky enough to invest in Mr Black Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur a few months ago. Cold dripped coffee liqueur. This is seriously unlike anything I have tasted (you can bet I broke the top off this after our shoot!) it is truly coffee liqueur for coffee lovers with a rich, chocolately taste and all the flavour and depth of a beautifully brewed espresso. Ticking all the boxes for both Christmas presents and groomsmen gifts here.

gift ideas for the groomsmen

Aura By Tracie Ellis Chevron Grand Tablecloth in Mint, Night “White Moon” Sleep Tee & Short Set ($69.95), Triumph & Disaster Shearers Soap ($9.95 Available at The Woodsfolk), Stylerocks Oval Cufflinks In Sterling Silver Matte Finish with Diamonds ($271.95), L’ASCARI Old Oak Tree Man Candle ($29 Available at Navy Crockett)

The new sleepwear label Night (from the Blacklist Studio crew)”White Moon” Sleep Tee & Short Set  was one of my favourite discoveries for this gift guide (they have a sleep top that reads “We Own The Night” too). Nothing about it is too feminine or cutesy, it’s just well designed with bold, striking graphics. Each set comes packaged in a drawstring bag with ear plugs (which in our case would be for me, not him). The garments are made from premium jersey and designed and made in Australia. I love this as a gift idea for a hard to buy from groom or as a groomsmen gift, it’s such a chic alternative than heart print satin boxers.

I love the old fashioned, classic gentleman’s style of this Triumph & Disaster Shearers Soap (Available at The Woodsfolk), I love what the Triumph & Disaster brand is about- old fashioned values from simpler times, values like humility, honour, risk and reward. Their products use local indigenous ingredients , the best natural products they can find combined with the best they can find in science. These soaps are great stocking stuffers or little additions for the wedding day.

Stylerocks Oval Cufflinks In Sterling Silver Matte Finish with Diamonds make a brilliant gift, especially when everything that comes from Stylerocks is completely customised to your own preferences. Choose the shape, the finish and the gemstones. Pick diamonds for the groom and plain for the groomsmen, make them brushed, or ultra shiny- the style and look is completely up to you, Stylerocks just makes it happen!

I did giggle at the thought of this L’ASCARI Old Oak Tree Man Candle (Available at Navy Crockett). But truthfully? It really does make a difference from the more traditional feminine scents that candles come in. Other scents include “Vodka & Scnhapps”, “Sawdust” and even “Espresso”. I like that these are an alternative to the traditional jocks and socks present but something that is a little luxurious and a little indulgent.


Aura By Tracie Ellis Chevron Grande Tablecloth in Mint, Hustle Aged Brown Wallet ($229), Morrissey “Double O Seven” Sunglasses ($129)  Morrissey “Accelerate” Sunglasses ($129), Funkis Stone Shaving Set ($260 Available at The Woodsfolk)  Stylerocks Flat Profile Sterling Silver Brushed Wedding Ring ($185.95), Crystal Head Vodka ($95 Available from most good liquor stores), Lush “Dirty” Gift Box ($21.95) , Chin Chin The Book by Benjamin Cooper ($49.95)

Hustle Aged Brown Wallet looks like an ordinary wallet, your every day leather brown wallet. It’s not, it has something extra special. You see the Hustle wallet? It holds a phone charger. Slip your phone inside, plug it in and you instantly start charging your phone. It’s a wallet with the smarts! I love this idea for anyone who is constantly running out of phone battery, it’s one of those things you don’t realise you need until you have it (and they even do handbags and purses for the girls!) and when you do have it, it saves your butt time and time again.

The Morrissey “Double O Seven” Sunglasses and Morrissey “Accelerate” Sunglasses are such stylish numbers for your face. They’re sexy but have a sophisticated edge to them (style names such as “License to Thrill” and “Double O Seven” certainly help). There are fine design details- arms have clear stripes, double metal nose bridges, bold curves and stylish thoughtful design make these sunglasses great gifts for the guys in your life.

Funkis Stone Shaving Set (Available at The Woodsfolk). I love this gift idea for the morning of the wedding- a beautifully considered stone shaving set- that comes complete with wood handled shaving brush and soap. The shaving dish is designed by Lovisa Wattman and made from concrete by Iris Hantverk in Sweden. The brush, with it’s wooden handle contains badger bristles. A beautiful set to have for the wedding morning but to keep forever.

Stylerocks Flat Profile Sterling Silver Brushed Wedding Ring– again with Stylerocks everything is custom and really, isn’t a wedding ring the ultimate wedding present? I love this brushed sterling silver option, it’s modern but still classic.

Crystal Head Vodka is always a fantastic gift. The skull is super cool and I love that the bottle is stylish enough (is a skull able to fall into the stylish category?). Made in Canada, Crystal Head Vodka has become popular in its own right through its premium quadruple distilled vodka and of course – that bottle.

This is my one attempt this year at getting Mr Polka to use skincare, I present the  Lush “Dirty” Gift Box. Containing a mini Dirty shaving cream, Dirty hair styling cream, Dirty springwash shower gel and Lush’s toothpaste tablets – Dirty Toothy Tabs. The set is small enough that it gives the receiver a taste (or smell!) at the products so they can decide which they like. I love this gift idea for a wedding morning, with just enough product to get wedding ready and super cool packaging.

Chin Chin is the one restaurant name that has been on everybody’s lips this year (and I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy it twice!) so this Chin Chin The Book by Benjamin Cooper cookbook is definitely on my own list! From the typeset being the same as the Chin Chin menu, to the book mirroring the menu itself- with favourites like Son In Law Eggs, the lychee cocktail (with bonus ice orb) and DIY Spring Rolls. They have have a “Recipe Hack” to speed up recipes and a hot bunny meter to explain the heat of the dish. I love this gift idea for the foodies.