Image by Tanya Chesterton Smith via Sally and Andrew’s Vintage Style Noosa Wedding On The Beach

Ever since you were a little girl, you’ve dreamed of marrying your Prince Charming. Maybe you grew up by the ocean or were obsessed with The Little Mermaid, but a beach wedding has always been your dream. With a little thought and planning, it’s easy to turn your dream of a beach wedding into a full-fledged reality.

Obviously location is everything when it comes to planning a beach wedding and there are a ton of gorgeous beach and waterfront locations out there, regardless of where you are. One choice is a tropical destination wedding set on a white sandy beach in another country. The Caribbean has become a hotspot for affordable beach weddings and with all of the different islands, you have a ton of options and resorts to choose from. But if traveling out of the country is out of the question (or out of your budget), look into a closer spot along your nearest coast or a nearby lake or riverside location.

Beach weddings often lend themselves to more casual wedding attire, which is great if you’re on a tighter budget. A simple flowing white gown looks stunning gently blowing in the breeze, complemented by the men in beige, white or light grey. But if you’ve always dreamed of the full-on princess experience, you don’t have to settle! Just keep in mind the potential for stains, whether you’re walking directly on the sand, faux aisle or boardwalk path. Also carefully consider your footwear. Stilettos will most definitely sink into the sand, so consider a sturdier pair of wedges, sandals or going barefoot! You always have the option to change later.

Image by Tamiz Photography via Great Gatsby Destination Fiji Wedding

The great thing about a beach wedding is of course, the scenery (especially as the sun’s setting), so you don’t have to go crazy with the details and decorations if you don’t want to. Many locations have gazebos, tents and beautiful arbors; check to see what will be available to you and plan the decorations from there. You can always spice up the ceremony space as you see fit with flowers, chair covers and candles.

Whether you keep the party on the beach under a tent or head inside to an indoors reception space, keep your beachy theme in mind. Crisp white draping, candles and seashells can be accented with colorful flowers and lights. If you’re by the ocean, consider offering up fresh seafood options. Work with a cake designer to come up with a simple beach-inspired wedding cake decorated with tropical flowers, faux starfish, etc. End the night with beach-themed party favors (Pinterest has a ton of ideas!) The possibilities are endless.

Image by Katie Harmsworth from Love Katie and Sarah via Gabby and Julio’s Destination Fiji Wedding

Whether you’re dreaming of something simple or elaborate as can be, a beach wedding is the perfect option for all the mermaids at heart.

Ms Gingham says: What’s not to love about a beach wedding? Go barefoot and enjoy the sand between your toes I say!

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