Citrine is the birthstone of November and the focus of this blog post.

What is citrine?

Citrine is essentially the yellow variety of quartz and can vary in colour from a light honey colour, through to the richer more orange tones.

The name ‘citrine’ is derived from its french origins of ‘citron’, meaning ‘lemon’. Bien sur!

Now, did you know that this November birthstone citrine is actually a version of amethyst? No, it’s a very little known fact! In fact, most citrine is heat-treated amethyst or smoky quartz.

Where do we find citrine? 

Citrine is mined in Brazil, Madagascar and the US, as well as in Argentina, Burma, Namibia, Russia, Scotland and Spain.

Citrine is being used more and more – and certainly has been made famous recently by the Duchess of Cambridge, with her citrine earrings shown here.

How do we best wear citrine?

In terms of how to best wear the November birthstone citrine, it looks really good when in a silver setting as shown here:


But for real impact, a yellow gold setting, like the one pictured above, is great for setting off its honey tones. But as always…you don’t have to be born in November to wear it!

Images by StyleRocks

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